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Saturday, 30 May 2009


is what I like to see

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Upfest 09

Friday, 29 May 2009

2 tunes im feeling at the mo.....

both can been found on PLASTICIANS MISHKA mix cd (yes i am aware it came a little while ago...)

Writers United

The critically acclaimed book Writers United has
been reprinted!

OUT June 2009

Writers United was a groundbreaking report and photo book when it was
first released in 2005. Since then, it has inspired photographers and journalists
worldwide. But Writers United still remains as a standard work in the genre.
After having been sold out for a few years, it is now being issued in a revised
Writers United offers a close-up portrait of one of the world’s most famous
graffiti crews, Writers United Football Club (WUFC). Six members with completely
different personalities but a common goal. Since the formation of
WUFC at a football venue in the Stockholm suburb Nacka fifteen years ago,
they have written their name on thousands of trains and walls throughout
Europe. Like rock musicians, graffiti writers charge their work with style and
attitude. And just like in any successful band, each WUFC member has his own
clear role. The hyperactive writers Uzi and Que are its frontmen.
For a couple of years, journalist Björn Almqvist and photographer Emil Hagelin
followed WUFC and a few of their friends. A new world is opened to the
reader through in-depth interviews and vivid reports. We follow them from getting
ready in their homes to getting into dark tunnels to write. All year round,
they risk injury and penalties to see their names on the trains. Their lifestyle
may seem hard to understand. Why do they write, how do they view their
work, and what kind of people are they really?

Title: Writers United
Authors: Björn Almqvist & Emil Hagelin
Language: English
Pages: 144
Format: 17 X 24 cm, Paperback
ISBN: 978-91-85639-17-5
Retail price: €19,90, £ 13,99, $ 24,95

Second Life trailer

Second Life Trailer from SLprod on Vimeo.

via DD


Poll Results for - Favourite type of oldskool music?
  33 (39%)
  13 (15%)
Hip Hop
  31 (37%)
  6 (7%)

Thanks to all that voted. If you could take 2 seconds to vote in each poll would be appreciated as they are mainly used for feedback for future blog posts. New poll every 2 weeks, and as the elections are coming up, new poll is: Who are you voting for? If you're not voting please select who you would support anyway.

Oldskool writers bench cancelled.
Sadly this event has now been cancelled, so we've been told... Apparently this was supposed to be through word of mouth, no flyers, nobody under the age of 30 AND wasn't involved with the people that originally arranged the event....

Maybe the organizers should inform the people they are inviting of their rules in the future, that way you won't have flyers appearing, info being emailed, and the event getting mentioned on various websites...

48hr Tube strike
RMT members on the Tube will walk out from 6.59pm on Tuesday June 9 until 6.58pm on Thursday June 11. 

A mother has given birth to the first ever boy born on the London Underground.

A CONFUSED cabbie took a wrong turn and drove two terrified passengers along an electrified railway line — because his sat nav told him to.

Ginny Dougary and teenage sons take a guided tour of Harlem and the Bronx to find the roots of hip-hop

I’ve probably been arrested for graffiti between 15 and 20 times,” says Ben Eine

A Costa coffee shop was vandalised days before its opening  -  because locals feared for the future of an old-fashioned tea shop nearby. 

Vandalised: Resident smeared the words 'Costa Go Home' in red paint on the new branch of Costa Coffee shop branch in Whitstable, Kent

Just 1 month ago, Network Rail announced a £35 BILLION investment into the railway. Why? Probably because the railway is a complete shambles, especially compared to other places in the world. 
Just weeks on and records are being broken all over the place. Train punctuality has reched record highs, but how is this possible? 
The number of passengers has increased by 60% in 15 years, a shocking amount and whats even more shockng is that there are only 5% more trains on the lines.
LU isn't any better either, all the problems, strikes and all the rest of it. 
And a few weeks ago, we see the London Underground winning the 'metro of the year' award. 
Some people live in a dream world...

And I'd just like to say well done to them people in Kent, with their rage at Costa. Nice to see some people value where they live and not let big businesses trample all over them and be involved with every single thing in their life!

And finally, that cab driver who drove onto the fucking railway, what a cock! Do you think people jump red lights and drive into the back of other cars on the road just cos the sat nav says go straight? Fucking Champion...

Kent Police are to launch a specialised operation to target graffiti and criminal damage. Police say that 91 counts of criminal damage were reported in the targeted region between September 2008 and January this year.

Earlier today the Observer reported how a disruptive and unreliable service had driven rail passenger Julie Bart of Abbots Langley to tears.

"Stuffy, overcrowded, irritable, nauseating, putrid. These were just a few of the words that I had used to describe London’s Underground System, as I was making that most tedious journey on the Piccadilly Line, from South Kensington to Russell Square. And it’s not just me that feels this way. I know for a fact, that thousands of other commuters are bored to death by the state of the appalling transportation service that is… the Tube."
Taken from this Crossrail article, which includes some decent info for anyone interested.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

On the street

nicked from 'the best of youtube' thread.

Youtube (international) latest

This is apparently being done with just hot water. Looks pretty effective and should I say, cheap...

Random commercial

Like Lipstick Traces


Like lipstick traces shows the everyday life of 13 graffiti writers. Consciously, and therefore in contrast with usual graffiti publications, it uses the peculiar medium of Polaroid.

The idea was to send a Polaroid camera and about one hundred Polaroid photos to graffiti writers of different nationalities, with the task to shoot their everyday life, and to give them complete freedom in the choice of the motifs. It surely is this kind of freedom which makes this book so special, but also the fact that all these unpublished photos were taken especially for the book.

In the beginning of the 21st century, graffiti seems to be taking a line that is totally against its original motivation. On one hand, this might be caused by more severe penalties, on the other it is due to the increasing incorporation of the media and big business. Thus, we decided to present such artists who devote themselves to this art in a committed way. They do not succumb to commercial pressure and bring new life into this movement.



Full info on

This has been cancelled

Another one to note down in the diary. Via HYB


Youtube failthful

ON Danielle Lloyd getting a beating last night:

"She might be thick and scouse, she might even deserve the regular battering she gets these days but I for one would definitely still squirt my liquid kid lotion into her if she asked nicely." - FookinBastad 

"How the fuck is she racist and if its coz of BB then your dumber than you sound. Her ex Boyfriend was black you silly cunt. & She didnt deserve this, Y did no 1 step in? Shes been thru enough in her life with domestic violence nevermind this shit" - Sharna18x 

"thats what nighclubs are all about, violence" - HerbalAbuse

"lesbain bitch fight ? ...were dildos used ?" - lllnnn333 

"so people hav a problem with her cos she has been with a few footballers.....big deal,im sure all those jealous bitches that hate her hav been with a hell of alot more only they aint footballers just scabby std riddled men,who wud be with any dog that walks by,yeah???" - marshiemellow23 

Gotta love these fuckers that waste their life chatting shit and beefing eachother getting nowhere. They proper get into it, far too much I think personally. Even got a 'like' and 'dislike' feature on youtube now for every comment! Lucky people...
Also stumbled upon the God of England (Boris J's) Twitter. Who on earth would wanna follow other peoples life like that? It's just beyond me seriously... 

Monday, 25 May 2009

Meeting of Styles

"We're hosting the london edition of Meeting of Styles on the 6th June.

We're taking over an entire warehouse and painting it in the lead up to the 6th.  We're flying in ten european artists and then holding an open air paint jam off brick lane on the 6th and a huge afterparty in the warehouse with doors opening at 5PM - BBQ, Bar, Beats and pieces. 

If you could link to our blog or facebook or ticket site for the warehouse afterparty that would be great.

Thanks a lot."

Looking good guys.
One to note down in your diary.

Nice international website for anyone feeling a browse.

Graffiti mag 10 is online!

As seen on multiple sites.

Click full screen

And be sure to check the archive for other mags available to view online.

Youtube latest

"my name is bloodaxe, and I painted my first train last night with my frient Gary (aka Dent). Normally when were not doing our SATs we hustle down at Leake St, and when I am older I want to do my GCSEs.
Also I am in TPG massive, the most famous crew in North London"

New Russian trailer

Zephyr speaks his mind

Big up all the crew that came down Friday. Flicks n that when I get hold of them.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Daze new website


StreetFest is going down on 24th May from 14:00 until 12:00... It is taking place in a massive space in Old Street/ Shoreditch, and amongst other things, the following will take place during the day:

- Music (We got this on lock...)
- Food from Jamaica to Japan
- Skateboarding/In-Line Skating (These guys are BUILDING a half pipe to put in the venue!)
- Fashion show (the garms are fresh)
- Cinema screenings
- Secret Wars graffiti battles
- AND, there will be a chill out area with massive beanbags!
- Plus loads more, check out the facebook page:

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Aussies charged over graffiti attacks in London

A GANG of six Australian men have been remanded in jail for graffiti attacks on London's transport network.

The men, part of a gang known as AMF, allegedly caused more than $140,000 damage to trains and railways stations.

The group's "trophy pictures" sometimes covered whole carriages of trains, British news services reported.

******, 21, ******, 22, ******, 23, *******, 24, *****, 24, and ********, 22, appeared in Southwark Court in southeast London yesterday

All have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal damage between July 31 and December 27 last year.

Police on patrol had busted the gang near an east London railway in the early hours of Boxing Day after hearing the rattle of cans and smelling paint.

The officers called for back-up and gave chase, arresting *****, *******, ****** and the ***** brothers.

****** was arrested after police reviewed CCTV footage from the area. The gang was accused of causing more than $30,000 damage on Boxing Day alone.

Evidence linked the gang to other graffiti attacks including the vandalism of three Central Line tube trains ($20,000 damage), a Metropolitan Line tube ($2,800 damage) and two National Express trains covered ($30,000).

Photographs, videotapes, spray cans and graffiti books were discovered in property searches.

Prosecutor ******* said: "The total damage involved in this case was in excess of 70,000 for cleaning requirements to trains and carriages.

"The conspiracy as a whole caused that amount of damage at least over the period of time in the indictment."

The men were remanded in custody until sentencing on June 17.

The weekend


The Saga Continues @ Hidden

Little Portland Street

Libertys Harlow


GraffLondon Writers Bench (hip hop) 
@ Peoples Army, HQ Brixton. 6pm, free!


One Nation (drum&bass)

Swagger (dubstep/jungle)

Bassface@Jam (drum&bass/dubstep/garage)

Random warehouse.



Valve Summer Slam (drum&bass)
o2 Arena Greenwich.

Freeformation (uk hardcore/freeform/gabber)


Breakin' Science (drum&bass/dubstep/jungle)

Repeater (dubstep/drum&bass/hip hop)

Polysexual (hard house)


Notting Hill



"Splash graffiti on virtual cities..

..without getting arrested"
Earthmine is unveiling a 3-D mapping application today that captures the real world and then lets artists draw graffiti all over it.

Wild Style City is a kind of 3-D recreation of the world that faithfully reproduces every street in cities such as San Francisco, much like Google’s StreetView application. But Earthmine’s twist is that it adds a virtual layer on the buildings upon which users can draw legal graffiti.


Write For Gold

This weekend!

I posted this a long time ago and obviously getting old and forgot. Thanks to N on the reminder.

Full info right here.

Old New New

London. Aerosoldiers

New York. Cope2

Scandinavia. Part 1


Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Loads of nice flicks on here

New films

Revok in spain

And the rest of his LIFE

On tour

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Trains to:

Found on PMT

New mags

Don't Matter if you're black or white

DEFIANT MICHAEL JACKSON is determined to make a full recovery after doctors assured him that his skin cancer is treatable.

The 50-year-old Beat It singer was diagnosed with the disease in recent weeks.

** I'm sure you've all read about this in recent days, but i couldn't help it with the line '50-year-old Beat it singer'
Read the rest of this article at the ever reliable Sun website here


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

GraffLondon Writers Bench

People's Army @ HQ Brixton.     Facebook event
Invite your family.

Rail news

Members of the Rail Maritime and Transport union based on the Victoria line will walk out at 9pm tomorrow evening for a second time over safety equipment and claims of bullying and victimisation.

Deutsche Bahn is close to securing a concession from Eurotunnel that would allow the German national railway to send its high-speed trains through the Channel tunnel and offer direct services from Germany to London.

Branson: Let me invest in railways
SIR RICHARD BRANSON is urging ministers to hand the private sector a greater role in the railways by giving entrepreneurs freedom to invest in new trains, stations and track.

There is £195m being invested across the southeastern network, and they have a new trailer for the bullets, probably the gayest thing I have ever seen & heard. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Writers Bench

Image Hosted by

What the fuck is this?
Been going on for a month or 2 now and slowly growing every other week. Bring your own drink. Free event with good music and good vibes.

Perfect for people passing through or going on to somewhere else after.
Starts at 6pm and goes on for a few hours, HQ will be open for sales afterwards.

HQ Brixton
14d Market Row
Cold Harbour lane

The easy way to find it....
Left out of Brixton Tube Station
Walk up to KFC
Left down Cold Harbour Lane
On the left hand side you'll see the shop Blacker Dread, take the left at Blacker Dread and you'll see HQ Hip Hop Supplies

If you are late you may have to walk around and find the side entrance through Brixton Village.

Write to Neas

Neas is still inside, please continue the support and write or draw to him at:

Andrew Gillman, Prison Number XF9006
HMP Ford
West Sussex
BN18 0BX

Monday, 18 May 2009

Reclaim the beach

Speakers corner party from Sat.

GraffLondon now on Facebook!

Come join us, tag us, finger us or whatever else you people do. Don't forget to invite us to any events. Jams, shows, raves, whatever!

We like free

Cant Stop Fanatics 3

New trailer for the delayed CSF3.

Well done to that female that went into labour today whilst on a certain central line tube. Disrupting services and adding delays onto peoples lives. Seriously, why the fuck do people feel the need to hike around 8+ months gone. 
Only 2 births ever on the network, the first being at Elephant n Castle station in the 1920's I believe. Second one actually came December just gone where a woman rolled off the tube onto the platform at Kingsbury to give the station a good blessing.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Stockwell on fire

Few of these photo's posted in the Legal thread by nightrunners.
Stockwell looking very nice indeed. I've been around alot of legals around London in the last few weeks including Stockwell and I'd say it tops the list right now.

In the news

Urban art? Keep it on the street. 
Graffiti has officially upgraded to street art and it has the price tags to prove it. But who actually buys it, asks Ruth Jamieson

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has cast the cares of the Westminster expenses scandal aside by celebrating the start of major construction work on the £16 billion cross-London Crossrail scheme.

The biggest borough-wide campaign to wipe out graffiti in Hounslow kicks off in July.

Hounslow Council has teamed up with police, Network Rail and Virgin Media for a week of scrubbing the borough clean, starting on July 6.

Dutch Damage re-launch

Hi guys,

First of all thanks for the blog post on your website!

The website went live a couple of hours ago :)
We have a cool MTN94 competition, more info on the site, UK visitors are also more then welcome to submit their entries to the competition.
First prize 50 MTN94 cans!

Dutch Damage in contact about their new site going up. Some serious activity on their Flickr as you've already seen.  Nice constant updating going on, get yourself over there and check it all out.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

3300 Photos

Added in the last 2 days onto the DucthDamage Flickr


worth checking.

Tesco Disco

From the number 1 terroriser

TKID & Revok catching up

New Bullets

The new southeastern 'javelin' trains, coming into service from December.

And amazing commentary here:

High-speed train 'migrant' found

A suspected illegal immigrant is being held in custody after entering the UK on the outside of a high-speed train.
The man was found at Ebbsfleet International train station in Kent on the outside of a Eurostar train.
A British Transport Police spokesperson said he was found between two carriages on Thursday and had travelled into the UK from France.
Eurostar trains travel through the Channel tunnel and have at speeds of up to 186mph (299km/h).
A UK Border Agency spokesperson said it had "one of the toughest border crossings in the world".

Friday, 15 May 2009

Police images show train graffiti

Friday, 15 May 2009

Images of graffiti sprayed onto a train as it sat in Wick railway station in Caithness have been released by British Transport Police.
**********, 26, from Hanover in Germany and who has an address in Manchester, pled guilty to vandalism at Wick Sheriff Court on Wednesday.
She was ordered to pay train operator First ScotRail £1,290 in compensation.
British Transport Police said the sum was half the estimated cost of cleaning the graffiti from the train.
Pc Stephen Hughes said such acts of vandalism cost the rail industry across Britain millions of pounds each year.
He said: "This sentence sends out the clear message that vandalism and criminality on the rail network in Scotland will not be tolerated."

This weekend


RECLAIM THE BEACH!! First Beach party of 09
Join us down at the Festival Pier, South Bank
SATURDAY MAY 16th // Tide out: 10pm-4am

Shabba D's Birthday Bashment

15 hours of music mayhem

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Railway graffiti vandal, 19, jailed

One of the photos seized from ******* laptop showing the 19-year-old 'tagging' a train carriage

A 19-YEAR-OLD who caused £100,000 of damage by vandalising railway stations and trains has been jailed for nine months.

******** sprayed graffiti on railway property across the south east, including at stations in Buckinghamshire.

******, of ******, Caversham, Berkshire, was caught out after his fingerprints linked him to graffiti at Amersham station.

He was jailed at Reading Crown Court on Friday after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal damage.

Officers from British Transport Police found a laptop containing “thousands” of photographs of graffiti damage when his home was searched as part of an investigation.

Forensic analysis linked ******** to the tag GNAT found at several of the sites and a graffiti crew called the Cheeky Boys.

As well as vandalising property at Amersham, ****** admitted committing offences at stations in Reading, Basingstoke, Farnham, Guildford, Weymouth, Woking, Redhill, Aylesbury and Clapham Junction between January 2006 and December 2007.

DS Pete Thrush from British Transport Police said after ******* sentencing: "Over a two-year period, he caused substantial damage to railway property and numerous trains were delayed or cancelled as carriages were kept in depots waiting to be cleaned from the damage he caused.

"The sentence today will hopefully serve as a warning to others that those who engage in defacing and damaging railway property can expect to be pursued by British Transport Police and bought before the courts for their crimes."