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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Writers Bench

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What the fuck is this?
Been going on for a month or 2 now and slowly growing every other week. Bring your own drink. Free event with good music and good vibes.

Perfect for people passing through or going on to somewhere else after.
Starts at 6pm and goes on for a few hours, HQ will be open for sales afterwards.

HQ Brixton
14d Market Row
Cold Harbour lane

The easy way to find it....
Left out of Brixton Tube Station
Walk up to KFC
Left down Cold Harbour Lane
On the left hand side you'll see the shop Blacker Dread, take the left at Blacker Dread and you'll see HQ Hip Hop Supplies

If you are late you may have to walk around and find the side entrance through Brixton Village.

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