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Thursday, 30 April 2009


SWT are losing money. Hopefully they put it to better use in the near future.

Dispite the price of beer going up, Wetherspoon prices are staying the same.

Good luck to Ricky Hatton this Saturday

'Significant losses' ... South West Trains

ONE of Britain’s biggest transport firms has gone to war with the Government after being hammered by the credit crunch.
STAGECOACH yesterday demanded the Department for Transport steps in and covers “significant” losses coming down the tracks at SOUTH WEST TRAINS.

The company amazed the rail industry by calling in arbitrators to settle the row.

PUB group JD WETHERSPOON is to freeze prices all summer — despite the Chancellor’s latest beer duty hike.

Boss Tim Martin said they opposed the rise and had to “do their bit” for punters.
The chain will review prices in September.
Beer duty rose two per cent last week.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Move over Banksy

Another Fine Mess

Adverts: Seen by some as nothing more than corporate graffiti, seen by most as a necessary evil to keep us informed of the useful and useless ways we can spend our cash.

But when adverts have to compete with the thousands of images and messages that flash across our eyes each day, sometimes they need to be a little inventive to capture our attention.

Luckily, for every annoying jingle or smug rhyming couplet that comes along, there's a few genius marketing executives and/or wannabe Salvador Dalis out there who are doing their best to push the advertising world into the realms of art.

So without further ado, here's some of the more clever campaigns of the last few years.

Big Brother state? Britain has more CCTV cameras than the rest of Europe put together

Graffiti Central..

For loads of photos and running commentary of a day painting that wall over in east check the link at the end.

"Situated between Shoreditch high street and Brick Lane and opposite the new Chrome and Black shop with the Rarekind Gallery downstairs, this is London’s graffiti central"

This is now East London’s most visible and longest graffiti wall and is at the heart of the most graffitied area in the country. The wall is a youth project organised by Richmix for young people to learn graffiti with experts and professionals such as the legendary Prime, a face I Iast saw at the Covent Garden ‘writers bench’ in around ‘89.

‘Covent’ or ‘The Bench’ was the Saturday spot where graffiti writers and b-boys from all over came to hang out, plan missions, sign each others black books and show outlines and photos. I never painted with him before but from seeing his work I always regarded him very highly among the kings of piecing from the eighties and early nineties along with Fuel, Scam, Foam, Cazbee and Kast. To watch Prime paint today it confirms my suspicions, he’s sure as hell still got the magic, as you will see.

Prime and Aks both did huge walls along with Gee-U, Kade and Pie doing pieces and characters with help and input from the young people and other local writers. I did a small piece with a background and character around a character by Mark, one of the young people from the project.


Do you think that East London is the graff central for London graffiti..?


This website from someone that must eat, sleep & shit down at Stockwell Legal.

Speakers Corner

DJ Dark 'Free DPM' Back on the set with Speakers Corner Team!! Bands, Live Mic Sessions and DJs - Hip Hop, Dubstep, Reggae, Dancehall, Original Breaks til 6am.. Nothing but Positive Vibrations

FREEDOM DANCE - You Cant Keep A Good Man Down

DJ DARK Free at last .. coming with the conscious roots vibrations we've all been missing out on becuase of this countries fucked up bullshit mis-managed policies & laws.. Come through show the man some love.. Its a blessing to have him back!!

Start Time:
Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 10:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, May 3, 2009 at 6:00am
London & Brighton AKA The LAB!
Next to Queens Road Peckham Station
London, United Kingdom


"It's about bombing the system man..

and that's what its all about..
and you know what? im ready to show it. im ready to go out there...
and do whatever it takes"

strongly recommend you look through his channel - mans a genius.
his ink takes so long to drip in a mop because it has tar in it, apparently.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Youtube International

Goldie hits out at f***ing adverts

Goldie, 43, is the graffiti-artist-cum-musician who seems able to turn his hand to anything from acting to conducting. His art exhibition, The Kids Are All Riot, is showing at London's Maverick gallery, while his work can be bought from

Interview HERE

Monday, 27 April 2009

Police's station graffiti 'a disgrace'

Tiverton police have turned their station into a graffiti parlour

A police force which has paid to have its station daubed in graffiti in an attempt to engage with youngsters has been branded a 'disgrace'.
Street-savvy officers are pictured wearing their peaked caps sideways - hip-hop style - while one sticks his tongue out, in the specially commissioned mural in Tiverton, Devon.

'While graffiti is deemed to be offensive and anti-social this project aims to show that, in fact, with the right talent, respect and skills, graffiti is very much an art,' said neighbourhood team leader Sgt Robin Curtis.

'For many years, young people have been wanting to celebrate their skills and displays and now we have been able to make this happen.' But Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said the scheme was 'pointless trendy nonsense'.

'This idea is a costly farce and insulting to both local police officers and youths. To waste taxpayers' money on such a gimmick instead of using it to fight crime is a disgrace,' he added. 



Image Hosted by

Noticed a thread on this, some seriously funny shit. It's that joker Remi Gaillard again (check his thread in far & wide).

Here is his latest video: PACMAN

Legal Walls

Find legal graffiti walls around the world

444 walls to be precise. Scroll down the list.


Friday, 24 April 2009

Kings of the Underground

It's the weekend!

And it started early!

Great day yesterday, didn't see much graff though sadly... A couple of undersides from the likes of Oker, Famos & Mist67. Etch reaches from Sham59, Meds & Boms. An extreme amount of toy tagging spotted along the lines but nice to see people like Hoover, Vamp, Serva & Cut24 getting up and staying up.
Was good to see loads of people out and about celebrating. I didn't come across any free events, festivals or parades so maybe they will be on Saturday or maybe I was too wankered...

Just be aware that it's the marathon on Sunday which means many roads closed from 0630-1900 so plan accordingly.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

St George's Day 2009

Just like to wish everyone a happy day for tomorrow. A few people have asked me what is going on in and around London. Well, I'm not really all too fussed as I'm just looking to survive from pub to pub. There is however a few things going on tomorrow and Saturday including an array of free events including parades, food festivals, theatrical events etc etc... Lets hope the weather is good!

Strike on Viccy line

Travel chaos for commuters

Thousands of commuters in London faced Budget day travel chaos when a major Tube line was suspended because of a 24-hour strike by workers.

Members of the Rail Maritime and Transport union based on the Victoria Line walked out at 9pm on Tuesday over a series of disputes, including allegations of bullying and harassment of union members.

The action, which the union said was "solidly supported" led to the suspension of the entire line today, forcing commuters to seek other forms of transport.

10 Years For Thai King Spray-Painter (07)

A Swiss man who spray-painted graffiti over pictures of Thailand's revered king has been jailed for 10 years.Oliver Rudolf Jufer faced a maximum sentence of 75 years - but was given a reduced term because he admitted wrongdoing.

180 swiss thailand oliver jufer graffiti

Behind bars: Oliver Jufer

The 57-year-old was caught on CCTV spraying black paint over five street posters of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in the northern city of Chiang Mai.

His lawyer said he was drunk at the time of the offence last December.

Bhumibol, who is greatly loved by Thais and seen by some as semi-divine, is protected by strict laws that forbid any criticism of the monarchy.

George & drag-on for Leicester

A CITY is to hold an entire WEEK of celebrations to mark St George’s Day.
There will be morris dancing, folk singing, a ghost watch and even a
graffiti workshop in honour of England’s patron saint — celebrated on April 23.

A family fun day will be held before the festivities culminate in a St George’s Day parade in Leicester city centre.
The city council announced the week of events — from April 19 to 26 — as an addition to its 2009 festival line-up.

Morris dancing, folk singing and graff all rolled into one! ....I'll see you down the pub!

Yard Raving

Not sure who is taking flicks on this site but there's about 25 countries on variety. 

Gumball 3000 2009

It's a shame not to see anything involved with London this year, where they usually start from...

The 2009 event is a 'coast to coast' road trip adventure from Los Angeles to Miami from May 2 - 8th.

AHAHAHHA some light comedy for y'all

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


For those of you who like a bit of midweek drum and bass and do not have to be up ealry thursday, or even if you do... then Fabio's midweek residency Swerve is definitely worth checking out for. This week the line up includes Chris Intaface, Grooverider and Fabio.

Ruby Lo, 23 Orchard ST, W1H 6HL. Just off Oxford St (near selfridges)

Be there!

Monday, 20 April 2009

I'm so glad I got very first Asbo

Behind him ... reformed hate figure Steven Wood shows off his graffiti from 1999

THE first person in Britain to get an Asbo yesterday told how it turned his life around.
Steven Wood, 26, was a notorious lout ten years ago when he was slapped with the order in a blaze of publicity.
Back then, Steven was an immature lad who ran with a gang that regularly daubed graffiti, smashed windows and intimidated locals.

HQ Brixton

"HQ Brixton now has the largest selection of UK Rap music on sale in the country. New books in store including the new 25th anniversary Subway Art, Vandal Squad, Bay Area Graffiti and much more........All the new up to date graffiti mags from around the world...Full Belton stock just landed this week.......and much more to come.........tune in to on saturdays for live internet radio instores and interviews with londons graffiti population..........ya'll know where yah heard it first.......hate the biters, let's keep this graff thing real........peace."

"The easy way to find it..........................
Left out of Brixton Tube Station
Walk up to KFC
Left down Cold Harbour Lane
On the left hand side you'll see the shop Blacker Dread, take the left at Blacker Dread and you'll see HQ Hip Hop Supplies."

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Art for a Dollar

Some Miami tattoo artist has started using a paper laser etcher to cut into stacks of 1 dollar bills.
good shit - Click the 'art for a dollar' to see more.

His website :
& some more of his work: