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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

No vandalism!

Whatever you are doing tonight just make sure you don't spend it in a cell... Sadly I can't be in Amsterdam tonight like I would want, but I'll see you on the streets of central, if not see you in twenty ten! Have a good one.

2009 rewinds
Seen a few posts about these on a few sites, but the best I've probably seen is from BNTL. Check it out.

Poll results for: Best thing on GraffLondon, this year -

Clean up of comments
36 (50%)
Photo posting only
27 (38%)
The blog
27 (38%)
The forum
15 (21%)
Search feature on forum
14 (19%)
Brick Bashers
18 (25%)
Metal Masters
29 (40%)
13 (18%)
Writers Index opening
21 (29%)
10 (14%)
Fight Club
11 (15%)
10 (14%)
Far & Wide
17 (23%)
Writers Interviews
21 (29%)
Other things...
9 (12%)

Appreciate the feedback.

New Year Special

A New Year Steel update on Writers Delight and they have mentioned on it, alot of photo's were already on our update. Come on people one or the other, I'm sure people will see it on either. Nobody wants to see the same photo's everywhere.
Props to WD for the hard work this year.

From Brum

A new blog from Brum, on Birmingham Graffiti

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

More Xmas

Xmas runners below from Scotland & Ireland, via

That photo posted on HYB from IAD I believe is from Xmas 09. The other SFL photo's on there are from earlier this year when it snowed. Here are a few photo's below they also posted up from this flickr worth a look.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


From youtube, all overseas.

Where are they now....?

Writers that drifted away...
This week: SER

A former member on the GraffLondon forum, Ser now runs this Graffiti Kings/ business, which I stumbled upon today after seing a video on youtube.

From the site:

Graffiti Artist Darren Cullen - aka SER 36 years of age from Crystal Palace London started doing Graffiti way back in 1983, the birth of the British Graffiti Artist. He is regarded as one of the UK's Graffiti kings & well respected by his Graffiti Artist peers worldwide.

Darren & the Graffiti KINGS are the UK's most notorious Graffiti outfit and fly the flag for the British Graffiti Artist scene worldwide. Darren now lives with his wife Sarah and 3 children Charlie, Alfie & Jodie, If he is not spraying walls he spends his time with the family, fishing & taking the boys to watch Crystal Palace lose & England WIN.


'You Aerosol'

Banksy vs. Robbo

See some of this in one of the threads on the forum last week I think it was. Banksy has definently slipped up bigtime, wouldn't be surprised if Robbo gives him another slap, or maybe a punch would be more appropriate this time...
This article is from today's Sun newspaper.

Vintage ... original King Robbo daubing on wall

Changed ... workman apparently pasting up Robbo's graffiti was painted on to the work by maverick artist Banksy

Revenge ... King Robbo makes his mark again

LEGENDARY graffiti ace Banksy has triggered a street art war by altering a rival's work.
The elusive aerosol painter caused outrage by wrecking an image that had been left untouched for 24 years.

Its creator - known as King Robbo by fans - retaliated immediately by spraying his name in 3ft letters on to Banksy's picture of a workman.
Disgusted street artists then launched an internet hate campaign against Banksy, whose work has been bought by stars including Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera.

One, calling himself Citrus Topnote, Jr, said on an online message board: "Regardless of the condition of the Robbo, it should have been left alone.
"Someone who's been around as long as Banksy should know the drill by now."

Banksy changed King Robbo's work while painting five new images in the run-up to Christmas in Camden Town, North London.
One featured a workman pasting graffiti-covered paper - Robbo's original work - on a grey wall.

Comments of interest on the article:

"Why is King Robbo a legend? Looks like the crap 12 year olds do round here.....Banksy got talent though" - positivethinkin

"They are both nothing but chav **** vandals. Why give them the publicity, just paint over the **** they daub on other peoples property." - pingsobb

"this is something that the previous comments wont get or understand.its part of the basic rules and etiquette of graffiti painting that have existed since the 1970's.
yes to an outsider - it seems like petty squabbling, but this is like walking into the louvre and drawing a moustache on the mona lisa. robbo would have been a kid when he first painted that piece. the fact that its lasted over 2 decades gets respect from the graffiti community - when pieces can be painted and ruined with in a few hours of completion these days.
it seems that anything with the word "banksy" on it causes media hysteria....
surely if you feel this is not "newsy" enough for you - go back to looking at page 3. or dont buy a paper." - dimeone


Monday, 28 December 2009

Xmas report

A few things that have cropped up

"Anyone travelling on the district line through West London will be in for a lovely surprise whilst looking into a certain District line depot. Well thats only if you like full colour whole fuckin trains!!!!! saw a dnab hole car with a tks piece on the side, a full colour hippow and a massive Nars bomb on the front. i tried to get a good picture from inside the depot but got removed phisically by the security.. also a district with bombs and colours over the botom of the window so it had oviously been pieced. someone go out there with a good camera pleaseee! il add my fliks ina second." - PussyJuice


Decorators have apparently been at Newbury Park, Ilford, Cheam & Ewell East. Someone also claims they see a Merry Christmas wc on the Nothern line, but thats yet to be confirmed....

"GONF? dub on a Circle to Hammersmith
The whole train is still in AW but moved fully inside - the end with a WMB is just poking out the south doors
Some INTO bits trackside near Putney
Also some NEKAH 2010 reaches trackside on Pic line." - Chewie

Swear we are still in 2009???? every year someone does it...
Also, thanks for the feedback about the steel update, and for breaking the users online record on the forum.
Oh and Merry Christmas to ATG, I just checked your blog. Thanks to the other sites that have mentioned the steel update aswel. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all the sites keeping us entertained.
Writers Delight have a steel update for New Year I believe,

Sunday, 27 December 2009

GraffLondon Xmas Update 09

Thats whats up....

Operation Silverback 2009

One hundred and thirty funtastic photo's from various writers and crews for you to enjoy. Sadly, thats all we have time for today. If you sent photo's which have not appeared on the update, they will run into the next update, whenever that will be.
Big thanks to anyone that was involved in the update in any way. I know there have been quite a few books and magazines in the last 6 months so its great to see a good turnout here also. Who said London was slacking?
For those of you that was following the update live, be sure to have another look as I have edited a few things, moved stuff around etc. And sorry to those that were following live last night, I couldn't keep my eyes open.
There were alot of random photo's sent in, and alot of yard shots. I'll have to do a mini update at some point after the new year for all the extra stuff. A few foreign panels in there aswel as you will see, thats cool, but we had a shit load of walls, legals, and pretty much everything else sent in for the steel update... not sure why, anyway, I'll throw them on the forum in the future for you.
If theres anything fucking up with photo's or any other problems, let me know.

There are 3 full pages in the steel thread, which is in the writers index section, which is in the decoration category. If you don't know what I'm talking about then use the links below.

Page 9
Page 10
Page 11

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Xmas steel update latest

EDIT: 27/12/09, 07:28 - Started it last night but passed out for a few hours. On with the update

The update will be going up very late tonight, by the time you read this blog tomorrow the update will be live. There were more photo's than I thought and it has taken abit of time to sort out, more than thought originally.
I'll be out all day then when I get back this evening I'll be concentrating on the forum and then sort out the update after the forum rush hour has passed.
I did as much as I could last night but I was too fucked. There were still photo's coming in late last night for it aswel, so if you didn't get a chance get an email over today and I'll check the inbox tonight and throw them in there for you.

Now go get that new digi cam your missus bought you and get out there. See you this evening

Friday, 25 December 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Xmas Dundee

Very tempted to bench London bridge tomorrow from what I've heard so far, its sounding good at the moment like it used to be years ago. Benchers and cams at the ready all over the city tomorrow please.
I'm not sure what mods will be online tomorrow for flick approval but I'll be on throughout the evening just incase anything interesting crops up.

Writers Delight Xmas Update

Xmas illegals update now up over on WD.

A word from our sponsor

Merry Xmas 2009

Rolling for 6 years

A word from Batman

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year, from myself and probably the rest of the mods.

I'd also like to say a big thanks to anyone that has contributed in any way over the past year. Without everyone working together this place wouldn't be what it is. From myself, the mods, members, emailers, stalkers, and all the other hidden characters involved.
We've been busy again this year trying to make this place as decent as possible, through the mass operation clean-up, the opening of the Writers Index, photo posting only, and all the rest of it you've probably seen on the poll. There was still things we could of added on there, like GraffLondon on Facebook which has gone down very well, to things like the writers benches we had in the summer which were definently interesting!
Nice to see the blog got a few votes on the poll. We try and mix it up on here with all different things that have anything to do with graff, aswel as anything else that we think might be of interest. Thanks to The Magic Castle on his contribution, and everyone that emails articles, photo's, shows, websites and everything else.
I've had alot of good feedback personally to me about the things we have been doing. I'm glad people appreciate all of the features we offer and have been giving their opinion or thoughts on things and getting themselves involved.
Alot of things here have been ideas from other people, and a few things we put up for a vote, to see what the majority wants. Never one sided here, everyone has a say. Nobody gets paid either, its just everyone in the game doing it because they love it. Thats what its all about.

Rolling into 2010.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Train for one, Squire??

Never get on the shit FCC's but surely that blob of chrome doesn't look right.... Hopefully its not, and we can again criticize the shocking service. via


Is Xmas number 1!

Finally, one year where the decent people turn around and say.. no.. no more of this pop chart bollocks. I see the daily mail didnt even include it on their main page..

gutted tossers

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Station editing

& comments in the stations thread this xmas....

The stations thread is one of the busiest threads over xmas and taking a look at it, it is in need of some well deserved editing. There is about 500 photo's on page 1 and my computer pretty much shut down just clicking on it. I'd like to get it sorted before boxing day so I've mentioned it to the mods. Lets see what we can do.

This year will obviously be different as its photo's only.. HOWever, sensible comments that have been positive and relevant to it are always left in the decoration section when posted with photo's.
If people are posting photo's with short, sensible comments that are relevant, then we will allow it.

Update for Boxing Day

Deadline for photo's - 23rd
Update - 26th

Right the 23rd will now be the last day to send your flicks in please. Thats when all the flicks will be sorted, followed by a few days of madness, and then they will go up on boxing day. Time will be dependent of the hangover.

Hopefully there will be alot of you out there on the 26th & 27th with a camera in your pocket.

Merry Christmas GraffLondon

From the NHS crew

BTP to get taser guns on tube

British Transport Police armed with 50,000-volt Taser guns are being deployed on the Tube and London's rail network for the first time.

Friday, 18 December 2009

ATG SPECIAL - Mash up sessions 3

his Saturday MASH on Oxford Street are offering you another festive in-store session.

This time round it's an ATG special.

A collection of limited edition ATG prints will be available for purchase on the day.

Set times for the afternoon are as follows:

Rack N Ruin B2B Elvee: 12 pm - 2 pm

Noisses B2B Moxie: 2 pm - 4 pm

Kloseone B2B Rattus Rattus: 4 pm - 6 pm

Check the flyer for further info.