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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Station editing

& comments in the stations thread this xmas....

The stations thread is one of the busiest threads over xmas and taking a look at it, it is in need of some well deserved editing. There is about 500 photo's on page 1 and my computer pretty much shut down just clicking on it. I'd like to get it sorted before boxing day so I've mentioned it to the mods. Lets see what we can do.

This year will obviously be different as its photo's only.. HOWever, sensible comments that have been positive and relevant to it are always left in the decoration section when posted with photo's.
If people are posting photo's with short, sensible comments that are relevant, then we will allow it.


  1. Who ever runs this site is a proper wank toy. With your stupid deadlines for photos and wak talk trying to make people send in photos. Your a blatant toy because if you wernt you would have your own fliks or know enough heads t oget fliks direct.

  2. lol at that comment

  3. and you've just proved his point at why its photo's only. hate for no reason at all you pathetic scumbag! nothing to do with deadlines or sending in photos get a grip you toy

  4. and i bet he will still be checking out that update!

    maybe next year for member of the year mate

  5. whas the flickr?

  6. ^ you need to click brick bashers at the top

  7. Good to see you boys continuing the work I started in regard to cleaning up threads. Nice one...

    Oh, by the way, what happened to all the photos I took of the Xmas station damage from 2007? I've seen those flicks crop up on people's myspaces and other sites without attribution...