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Thursday, 17 December 2009

17th December 2009

Shit! 17th already! I better start sorting out that steel. Last chance to get it in please,

(Non members may post on this blog post to nominate)

GraffLondon Awards 2009

As we have done for a laugh every year, its time for the yearly awards and there is a new category for this year aswel: Writer of the Decade - 2000-2010. Nice one for Skidz to bring that suggestion up.

Don't ask me what the results have been for every year as a couple of people have done already. I can't remember what I had for dinner 2 days ago let alone that shit. I have tried searching for them but they are long gone due to the big clean up we had this year. I can tell you though a couple from last year's dodgy poll:

Writer of the year 2008: 10 Foot
Crew of the year 2008: NHS - Nasty Habits

I am definently going to create this years poll as last years wasn't done properly, so, please get your nominations in asap so the polls can go up and give people time to vote. Don't forget aswel that this is all just a bit of fun, so no need for the bullshit beef please. It won't be accurate nor will it reflect 100% on the London Graffiti scene at all, but, nominations and voting properly would probably be appreciated by all.

Whatever the most nominations on each type of nominee, these will be put into a poll for each. Maybe top 5, possibly top 10 but we will see on the day.

The Category's for 2009 are:

1. Member of the Year 2009
2. Writer of the Year 2009
3. Crew of the Year 2009
4. Writer of the Decade. 2000-2010

The thread on the forum is here.

Poll Result:

For GSD v ATG: Who's on top?

81 (64%)
45 (35%)

Votes so far: 126
Poll closed

New poll now on the right hand side of the blog -->, just gunna keep banging them out. Might possibly have the Yearly awards up there aswel.


  1. crew of the year nhs?! jesus......

  2. writer of year: Zamy
    crew of year: GSD
    writer of decade: TOX

  3. writer of the year: 10 foot/zamy

    crew of the year: kgs/gsd/tpg

    writer of the decade: tox/panik/vamp/..... all consistently smashed it right through the decade

  4. 1. Member of the Year 2009 - skidz, chunga, spec rec
    2. Writer of the Year 2009 - no1 deserves it
    3. Crew of the Year 2009 - nhs, gsd
    4. Writer of the Decade. 2000-2010 - neas and dpm

  5. video22