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Monday, 28 December 2009

Xmas report

A few things that have cropped up

"Anyone travelling on the district line through West London will be in for a lovely surprise whilst looking into a certain District line depot. Well thats only if you like full colour whole fuckin trains!!!!! saw a dnab hole car with a tks piece on the side, a full colour hippow and a massive Nars bomb on the front. i tried to get a good picture from inside the depot but got removed phisically by the security.. also a district with bombs and colours over the botom of the window so it had oviously been pieced. someone go out there with a good camera pleaseee! il add my fliks ina second." - PussyJuice


Decorators have apparently been at Newbury Park, Ilford, Cheam & Ewell East. Someone also claims they see a Merry Christmas wc on the Nothern line, but thats yet to be confirmed....

"GONF? dub on a Circle to Hammersmith
The whole train is still in AW but moved fully inside - the end with a WMB is just poking out the south doors
Some INTO bits trackside near Putney
Also some NEKAH 2010 reaches trackside on Pic line." - Chewie

Swear we are still in 2009???? every year someone does it...
Also, thanks for the feedback about the steel update, and for breaking the users online record on the forum.
Oh and Merry Christmas to ATG, I just checked your blog. Thanks to the other sites that have mentioned the steel update aswel. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all the sites keeping us entertained.
Writers Delight have a steel update for New Year I believe,


  1. Anyone know if that is the North London Nekah from days gone by?

  2. happy bday juses??? JESUS you spaz!!! ha ha...
    Yeah, why do people write the next year's date early? dicks!

  3. yeah graffers always spelling shit wrong. JUSES does take the biscuit though

  4. think it was ment 2 be moses. hahaa

  5. Juses, second son of Moses

  6. yes it is the north london nekah. been away for so long he don't know what year we're in

  7. loads of writers write the next year early you uptight pricks. Boner from NYC starts writing the next year in october ffs

    Nekah hasn't been away he's just slowed down and anyway he was always one of those underrated 'writer's writers' that toys don't pay attention to cos they're too busy sniffing Oker's ass on the internet. big up Nekah....

  8. Haha true say big up nekah! North London trooper....... Sounds like the worst Xmas in ages, not that I can talk as I was sitting in front of the tv scoffing my face..........remember the glory days!

  9. it wasn't all too bad

  10. i know for fact that old skool koph dtb, dds, neat dds, urs, and cosa dtb, dds, done 2 top 2 bottom whole cars on a district on the west bound platform of west kensington station, i know it sounds mad being at west kensington but it was xmas 09, and trains were laid up all over the place, due to a nice bit of sabotage, by dds, nice one lads, xmas 09 was a great year for graff after hearing about a whole train done on hi street kensington platform aswell, dds, dtb, smashing it as usual,

  11. is it true take s dead...//?

  12. take dds mz crew

  13. i was on the northern line the other day, and its true thers a big merry christmas peice on the tracksides, and a couple of nekah 2k10 tags.