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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dier tributes


Keep the photo's coming

Please keep the photo's and comments coming on the grafflondon and facebook pages.

Big up those that have been out painting their respects.

Frontline issue 1

delay update

Monday, 28 June 2010


Just come back from a hectic week in Glasto, and saw some familiar faces.....


Dier RIP

south soldier

Thoughts to friends and family at this difficult time.

Please feel free to share your photo's and comments on the facebook page

or on his grafflondon page

Graffiti saved my sexlife

Aerosol Arab


different... you could say

Kid tags in court while pleading guilty!


Hard reppin

Still incredibly active after so many years, Cope seems to be involved in something everyday of the week. He won't ever stop


Legal info

HYB have made a great vid for those unaware of the system

There was an American video like this doing the rounds a while back, and in light of the prison sentences being given out for changing the colours of surfaces in the UK at the moment HYB thought it might be useful to make an English one. The advice is genuine advice from a qualified legal professional. It covers a broad range but basically can be summed up as Shut Up and Get a Good Solicitor.
Thanks to everyone who donated the footage.

Writer of the week


burning them panels more than the sun

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Graff Wars

The Empire Strikes Back

& aload more on this flickr

New mag launching

The Beast is unleashed, Boner finally speaks out!
The first issue also includes: StayHigh149, Far, Extra, Themo, Ces, Mber, Bates, Nemz, Boza, Cope, GSouth, Deem, Banksy, DJ Sat, Ovie and Oil.


Time to move on

Probably better to stay away from the news, the papers, facebook. All of them just make it more depressing. Here's a great vid from Germany which is such a nice place and such a big shame that we have been so poor yet again. Watch it and let it go


Graffiti writer to get the cane

'MCKOY BANOS' admits train damage

Oliver Fricker, 32, was sentenced to the minimum three strokes from a rattan cane and five months in prison after he pleaded guilty to breaking into a Singapore train depot last month and spray-painting graphics and the words "McKoy Banos" across two carriages.

A warrant of arrest has been issued for Briton Lloyd Dane Alexander, the alleged accomplice of Swiss national Oliver Fricker, who has been charged with vandalizing an MRT train at SMRT's Changi depot.
In a statement released yesterday, the police said that they had consulted the Attorney-General's Chambers and applied for the arrest warrant which was granted by the Subordinate Courts.
Alexander is said to have fled to Hong Kong before the incident was reported to police on 19 May.
Fricker was released on Monday after posting a S$100,000 bail. His passport has been impounded to prevent him from leaving the country.

more youtube...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

juxtapoz Interview with Robbo

There are two sides to every story: Robbo talks to Juxtapoz about graffiti, his ongoing feud with Banksy, and his return to the art world.

Full interview HERE