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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Welcome to GraffLondon

The finest gallery of London graffiti online

Changes to the site.....

Due to the large rise in social networking websites in recent years, all blog type posts and anything of interest will now be posted on our new Facebook page.
Nobody wants to be checking 50 websites every time they go online. The ease of having everything in one place makes sense, that's the reason for this current change.

We also feel that the forum and the photo's on it, are the most important things on this website and improving the galleries will be one of the main aims for the future. This includes updating and general editing to make every browse more enjoyable.
Looking back on them in 5/10, even 50 years (if you are still here) would be quite something. The history of an era and every stage of it, all there in one place and done properly.

If you have enjoyed the blog type posts for the last few years then feel free to click the 'like' button on our new Facebook page, where anything we do post up on their will appear on your news feed. All forum members old and new we thank you for any contribution you have made.

Under the GraffLondon banner at the top of this page you will see links that will take you to different parts of our forum. Click 'forum home' to be taken to the main forum page and from there you can move in and out of every section.
The forum has thousands of photo's of graffiti and other interests from around the world. It is the largest gallery of London graffiti online with photo's included from us and all other graffiti websites.

'GLdn gallery' features GraffLondon only photo's while the other sections are mixed. All photo's have been posted by thousands of different members of the forum over the years and we thank them for making it what it is today.

Any announcements in the future will be made either here, on the forum or on the Facebook page. We would prefer to not be contacted at this time but if you really need to then do it on Facebook.

We hope you enjoy the galleries.

GraffLondon 2004-2011