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Thursday, 29 April 2010


Grags trailer


Youtube latest

Dry of late...

An interesting doc on london pirate radio.

Legal eagles

Graph London

Wasting police time you bumpkin cunt! hahaha

I know alot of you have already seen this, only just see it myself.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Two big updates on the groin grabbingly transcendent n0-c0mment blog.



Monday, 19 April 2010

May 6th

As HYB and numerous stupid fucking Channel 4 ads have presumably already informed you, you have until Tuesday to register to vote. Labour need to be removed from office at all costs. Vast proportion of you lot are probably too cynical/apathetic to want to bother to go through any saga so you can take part in an election you don't give two shits about, but please think for a moment. Why are you cynical? Why do you not care? Is it because Labour have given you 13 long, hard years of lies, broken promises and bullshit draconian legislation, and have turned Britain into a place you no longer care about very much by making patriotism a euphemism for racism, or is it because politics is bullshit? I'm going to side with the former. I implore you to register to vote, and to get involved on the day - even if you're going to vote for a party with no hope of winning, or spoil your ballot paper, send those in power a message that you're sick of them. Our current government got elected by just over 9 million people in a country with a population of over 60 million. If lots of people turn out to vote this time round but neglect to support either main party, then it'll send a strong message that they can't get away with appealing to the sectional views of the tiny Daily Mail reading Little Englander demographic. Some opinion polls have the Liberal Democrats in the lead - and one of their key policies is the repeal of Labour's terrorism policies and the destruction of the surveillance/database culture that we spend so much time whining about. Let's make Britain better together. Change can happen if you really really want it.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Still alive

May 6th


Have your say on the issue in the Politics thread.

Method Man

Went to see Method Man at Matter last night and he he tore it up in there! Meth killed it on stage pure energy!


Kicks n Canvas exhibition in London April 2010

SoleHeaven presents Kicks n Canvas, a fresh concept on the art scene.

The idea for the event is to bring together two of SoleHeaven's most loved pursuits - Kicks & Art.

A line-up of 21 artists primed and ready to paint.

The concept of the show is to confront traditional graffiti writers and artists with a new canvas, and thats a pair of pristine all-white Nike kicks.

Kicks N Canvas exhibition at The Gallery in London, UK from from 10am - 6pm April 9th to the 24th.

Some of the artists featured include:

Goldie (UK) / Anthony Lister (AUS) / Insa (UK) / Dan Baldwin (UK) / Inkie (UK) / Jon Burgerman (UK) / ATG (UK) / Copyright (UK) / Mr Jago (UK) / Ben Frost (AUS) / Discoteck (UK) / Meggs (AUS) / Toaster (UK) / Zoot (UK) / Dickchicken (USA) / Gemma Compton (UK) / Trans1 (UK) / Benedict Radcliffe (UK) / NES (UK) / Numskull (AUS) / Jon Lawrence (UK)

The Gallery
50 Redchurch Street
London, E2

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Choke on it...


I've been wasting far too much time on Choke SMC's flickr as of late. 11 pages (200 pictures) of graff goodness from way back when to now, on tubes, BR, tracks and streets...This is how it's done.

Chock Interview


Probably blogged elsewhere but still worth a read - good interview with Chock over on Canned Goods;

Bunch of interesting writer interviews over there as it happens. If you ever wondered for whatever reason what the sight of a fat man sucking himself off repeatedly looks like, check out the one with Ser...
"As we were leaving he pulls me aside and says to me "Are you SER?", glancing down to a gold ring on my hand with SER on it, so I say "Yeah, I'm SER", the bloke jumps for joy and falls to his knees… "OH MY GOSH, I have been trying to hunt you down for months SER as every week when you graffiti guys turn up they all say that I need to get SER to run this as he's HEAVY", so the guy offers me the job on the spot and the rest is as they say… ker chingggggggggggg!!"

Sunday, 4 April 2010

World Pillow Fight Day

World pillow fight day!!

was yesterday (the 3rd) - never mind, theres always next year.
robbed off 303db's flickr