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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Chock Interview


Probably blogged elsewhere but still worth a read - good interview with Chock over on Canned Goods;

Bunch of interesting writer interviews over there as it happens. If you ever wondered for whatever reason what the sight of a fat man sucking himself off repeatedly looks like, check out the one with Ser...
"As we were leaving he pulls me aside and says to me "Are you SER?", glancing down to a gold ring on my hand with SER on it, so I say "Yeah, I'm SER", the bloke jumps for joy and falls to his knees… "OH MY GOSH, I have been trying to hunt you down for months SER as every week when you graffiti guys turn up they all say that I need to get SER to run this as he's HEAVY", so the guy offers me the job on the spot and the rest is as they say… ker chingggggggggggg!!"


  1. Quality.... love you to lol... take care