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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The next generation

(02/08/09 - out of the office for a few weeks, back soon)

First new Tube train in a decade enters service

London Underground has introduced the first new generation train for the Victoria Line as it begins phasing a Bombardier-built fleet into passenger service.
The new trains are part of the £750m Victoria line upgrade which, along with new track and signalling.

Full info


Keep those emails coming.

Monday, 27 July 2009

London graffiti hip hop

Graffiti Jail Break

Donations to bail out artists...

Not sure who's behind this or why they are doing it, but it's good to see.. hopefully it's genuine..

Petro show

No time at all to see this at the weekend but luckily uncouthyouth was there, with a couple of photo's and short review.

Absolut Revolution trailer


Reclaim the beach

Tag party...

Serious amount of handstyles going on, big up all the crew that were there saturday. Big up the little guy who got dragged off the beach by the OB. This is the only vid online right now of the night, if anyone has or see's any decent vids go up let me know.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Sketch battle latest

Test yourself....

May winner: Airbender - word 'Swine'

June winner: Cheech - word 'Burn'

Not long left to go for the July battle, word - 'Jacko'

Fight Club

In the news

New depot to be built in Hornsey
Latest strike info
Government will spend £1.1billion electrifying train routes
Dash Snow: An art icon for our times?

Graffiti vandals target landmark

Graffiti at bessie Surtees House
Vandals targeted the roof of the listed building

A historic landmark in Newcastle has been targeted by graffiti vandals.

The damage to the roof Bessie Surtees House means a significant clean-up bill for English heritage, which uses the quayside site as its North East base.

The two five-storey 16th Century merchants' houses are considered some of the best examples of Jacobean domestic architecture in the country.

Police investigating the damage have released images of the tags, which read "LG", "GRIM" and "KAME".

'Mindless vandals'

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said: "The damage was caused to a Grade II-listed building which is an important and much-loved part of Newcastle's history.

"The people that have done this are nothing but mindless vandals and what they've done amounts to criminal damage.

"We have made inquiries and are aware that these are tags that have appeared in other areas of the city centre.

"Whoever it is, or they are, is making the city look unsightly and untidy and it's imperative we put a stop to it.

"They've already caused a significant amount of damage, both to buildings and subsequently financially, and we need to stop them before they do any more."

English Heritage said it was working with the police to find those responsible.

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Addicted 24/7

Friendly Fire


Renovation complete


The renovation in the writers index is now complete. Loads more new threads in there everyday, and still loads more needed. Every single topic now free of thumbnails with every photo now full size.
Many pages have also been removed from the index, honestly don't know why some of them were there in the first place but there we go..
Still little bits to do in there which will happen over time. Big up dirtydeeds & all or nothing that were a big part of the renovation.

Keep it to 2 flicks per post people. Writers Index

New random poll this week on the right hand side, please vote. .

Petro reminder

Reminder that it's on this weekend, was posted so long ago you probably forgot all about it.



Tuesday, 21 July 2009


After quite a bit of interest in these they are now up for £8.99. (P&P £1.99)
Medium, Large, XL, XXL. Purple ones are on the way, all this & other tee's from this seller.



Alot of you should remember seeing the trailer that was posted on here ealier in the year, well someone has taken it upon them self to get it all up on youtube. Not watched it yet so any feedback welcome.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Crack & Shine first look

I know there is a shit load of people hating on this book, I'm sure for all their own reasons. Heard alot about it, and obviously read all the comments last night on the last blog post.. Amongst other things.
The main issue probably being that they sent in, or got asked to send in their stuff and then never see it appear... And that's the way it's always been with anything that's come out in London and it always will be... until 2012, GraffLondon mag edition 1... hold tight

So I had a flick through the book eventually, wasn't at the launch party as me & Shoreditch don't exactly see eye to eye..

..It was bigger than I thought, which is a good thing. It's all laid out quite nice, good quality pages. I didn't have time to read much inside, but there's alot of text, which I'm sure is a good read.

Alot of well known writers who you would expect are included, obviously there's alot also missed out.. can't have both.
One thing that kind of didn't surprise me was the fact that I've seen a big majority of photo's which are in the book. Alot I know other people won't have seen, but there are so many that everyone would have seen in there.. and I'm not sure why you would bother putting them in there, unless you are trying to reach out to another crowd or something.... who knows...

Now I heard so many rumours about what exactly GraffLondon's part in the book was. And to clear it up for anyone that's still asking. Basically on ATG's page it says something like 'ATG thought it would be wrong to comment about themselves in the book so they thought they would leave it up to members of the London graffiti forum, GraffLondon.'
Then appear a page of quotes with certain peoples usernames, all completely negative comments which was pretty bloody funny! I suppose they could of put at least 1 positive comment in there. Even if they were just doing it for laughs, comments like this are well worth it:

"ATG mounted an expedition to south london once. in north london it was widely believed that crossing the thames was impossible, but with their gung ho islington spirit and a final cup of earl grey, the chaps set off southwards. by all accounts they found a way across the river, but no one knows how. despite coming under constant attack from the pale faced, voodoo practicing gypsies that inhabit the barren wastes south of the river, they finally got to streatham common and planted a flag signifying that they had conquered this awful place. after a triumphant "huzzah!" and a bit of back slapping, not to mention the last satisfying mouthfuls of their panini rations washed down with mummies homemade pimms, they set their bearings for home. unfortunately, its reported that things started to go wrong at this point. its thought that rest and harm succumbed to the inhospitable terrain somewhere around elephant & castle, running out of oxygen. the air was too thin for their delicate lungs you see. the others bravely carried on, making it as far as london bridge before disaster struck again. rayds was kidnapped by bandits and never seen again. some say they took him to a football match - leyton orient v millwall - but the horrors that he must have witnessed at such a place are too dreadful to think about. thankfully, the rest of ATG made it back safely. they didn't do any graffiti for about 10 months in 2005, in order to recover from this ordeal." - Skidz (posted on the forum but who knows if its skidz's words or not..)

The book is something outrageous like £25 but a must see for anyone that takes interest in this movement.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Vast RIP

I'm very sorry to continue the bad news crew, I've just recieved an email today... sadly Vast TSM JKS is no longer with us after a fight in Sussex at the weekend.
Thoughts out to friends and family. Rest In Peace mate.

For more photo's check the JKS thread on the forum.

A man has been charged with the murder of a 19-year-old man who died after an attack at a nightclub in Sussex.
Ben Lund, of Eastbourne died in hospital after being assaulted in the early hours of Saturday at the Funktion Rooms in the town.
Sussex Police said Nicholas Sitko, of Mendip Avenue, Eastbourne, had been charged with his murder.
Mr Siko, aged 24, is expected to appear before Eastbourne Magistrates' Court on Tuesday.
A post-mortem examination carried out at Eastbourne District General Hospital revealed that Mr Lund's death was caused by a subarachnoid haemorrhage, bleeding around the brain.
Dozens of floral tributes have been left outside the nightclub in Pevensey Road with messages of condolence.
Mr Lund's family said they were devastated by his death.

You think graffiti is cool??

In philly


Rest in Peace Dash Snow

"We’re sorry to report that artist and friend, Dash Snow died last night. He was a photographer, scupture, graffiti and installation artist. Known for his work that captured the raw and decandant nature of the NYC underworld and art culture. We first came to know him in the Graffiti world while he was tagging New York up as Sace. Dash lived the life he portrayed in his work, and his death comes as a huge loss to the downtown art scene. He was 28 years old and left behind a 2 year old daughter, Secret. Click to see photos."


Fucking awful shame, always a big inspiration.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New Interviews!



MET & DICE (as well as SNAG & DOGZ) completing the second installment of interviews so far this year. I'd just like to once again thank all those involved for there continued support for the website over the years.

19 interviews in total now, hopefully more very soon.

Interviews index


Its hard to keep up!

Duba RIP

After 5 and a half years its good to still see some serious stuff going on here. The writers index is taking off bigtime and that is gunna be one hell of a gallery!

Some serious shit going down in that writers index this week. Yesterday was the busiest day on the forum so far this year with well over 1000 photo's posted.
Alot of them may have been seen before, but theres a new NO THUMBNAILS policy taking place. Every thumbnail posted up full size now, most posts with 2 flicks per post (thats 50 flicks per page for viewing pleasures).

Tons of new threads added. From the top of my head: ELK, DIET, RAINMAN, SLAM, ASIA, CUT, SPYER, DOWT, DUBA RIP, PENO, ARXS, PETRO, PLUG, KORSA, OZONE RIP & loads more! And more going up daily. Alot of them have been started even if I have not added many photo's in there. This is due to not having the time and just getting the thread in place for other people to post up in them.

Loads of threads still needed. If you see one missing then post up in the info & help section first about it. Please ask first this saves anyone from wasting their time. Theres a few threads that are not going up... not our decision...

Nearly all pinned topics are updated with full size images. Overseas, Random photo's, Vehicles, Bombs & Damage, etc..The steel one might be done last as it will take a while.... Whenever I take a few flicks now I'll update these pages.

Big up dirtydeeds & all or nothing yesterday for their heavy posting. Also niterunners keeping us busy. There are still a few threads with thumbnails in, if you are bored or have some spare time then feel free to post the thumbnails up as full size photos, 2 photos per post. Would speed shit up.

And finally I'd just like to big up all the mods that have been clearing shit up for the last year. Mainly Chunga the last few months! Over the past year I reckon we have cleaned up about 150,000 posts. I went through that London Underground thread the other day and it is just a fucking amazing gallery of flick upon flick. Very enjoyable indeed, hopefully all threads in the decoration section will look like this soon!

Monday, 13 July 2009


£20 on this website but someone maybe doing them for a tenner, check the latest page on the clothing thread for more info & contact.

Terry Screening

The screening for the new film, Terry, took place in London last night and GraffLondon was invited down for the Nastyhabits production which entertained a full house.

Writing on The Wall
First we watched a small film called Writing on The Wall, which was a small film about graffiti and the lifestyle.. It included a few writers telling things how they see them. Spat, Sick, & Dogz all involved, including local council representatives. It was a nice way to open up.

The film is about a guy called Terry being followed around by a student with a video cam, who is making a project. We follow Terry around West London and slowly learn things about him, about life on the dole, drugs, drink, and all the other madness that he gets up to on a daily basis.

I enjoyed the film alot and thought the acting was very impressive. I hope this is the start of more bigger and better things to come in the future! Check it.

Henry Chalfant & Martha Cooper

Interview over on Arrested Motion.

RT win W4G 2009

"Impressive Competition, great productions, amazing artworks! The Write4Gold European Final 2009 is over and the Winner is: RT Crew from London! We will update our website within that week, more great photos of the event at the Iron City Ferropolis coming soon! Congrats to England and the Crews from Austria and Germany who placed 2nd and 3rd!"

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Free Dyva

Sentenced to 14 months inside, yesterday.

Size Matters


via WYW

Skeam RIP

Beach party Cancelled!

"Ladies & Gents.. Sorry to break the news on this one.. Due to not having a full 'Reclaim The Beach' team at hand this weekend we have to postpone. One of our core members DJ Dark is currently hospitalized [making good recover but an unlucky bast**d] and several others are out of the country for personal reasons..

We could turn up with a sound system an rock the beach regardless, but considering over 2000/3000 people are expected at each event we would prefer not to go ahead without a full team in place to secure and ensure you all have the best possible time.

To put it another way:
We dont want to do anything 'Half-Arsed'..

Sorry for the last minute let down :( "

Poll results for what you use:

14 (24%)
Google Chrome
20 (35%)
18 (31%)
Internet Explorer
3 (5%)

Big up the chromers


Loving this! Head cam view: here

And while we're off topic I'd like to say cheers to big buds for introducing me to Netsky. Loving this -

Internet video blogging beef

Almost fucking spilt my cuppa on the computer over this one... And whats even more hilarious is that its all internet business...Video blogging beef!!? Fucking ridiculous.. Is that how shits going down these days? I see another related vid on there about someone see someones Facebook status and now they wanted beef with them, then some others are getting involved because of something else.. oh and it goes on..

This for real or what? Publicity?

Worldwide Links

Graffiti news have put up a new worldwide links list for anyone that wants an online vacation. Mainly German stuff but hopefully more go up soon. Link

Friday, 10 July 2009

Dirty & Dangerous

Dogz Interview 2009

Dogz touching down right here just in time for the TERRY launch.

Snag also added yesterday for those not seen.. More interviews maybe over the weekend or start of next week. Have a good one!

Interviews Index.


GLK in Japan! Hitting the local news...

Hip hop graff vid in the yard

Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Beast from the East

Snag Interview 2009

Snag passing through having a little word on things... More interviews up tomorrow. Interview Index

And sorry for this main page having so much stuff on it, posts on the 1st page are only supposed to last 7 days but they are lasting 10+ for some reason...

& Happy birthday to the Boogey man!


"Infamous graffiti artist, Sickboy is back with more subversive street art, this time leaving memorial shrines at sites where his graffiti has been whitewashed or torn down.

The artist ―who has spent most of his career painting his iconic temple logo onto walls and wheelie bins ― has revisited his old graffiti spots in London and placed ‘temple wreaths’, mourning ribbon and Sickboy shrine paraphernalia where his works once appeared."

From the inbox, more over at

Emailers please use a relevant subject title otherwise it may go unseen..

P man

Someone called Mr P has got a new site up.

No Trespassing

Person run over forces passengers to de-train!

Someone for some reason sadly got run over the over day leaving passengers with a little tunnel tour. Here's a blog post from someone who was involved.


Heard abit of negative feedback lately, it is welcome and I thank you for it. Some of it is amusing. A Twitter fan has told me to fix up about having a go at other websites on the neighbours post. I'm sure them guys know I'm just messing around (as I always am), even though the only thing I dissed was Twitter. Which I always will do, fuck fix up how about lighten up. Another said this blog 'swings off the nuts of MSK' which I found pretty funny... Obviously I can only answer for myself, but let me assure you I do not always post what I like... but I'm sure anyone reasonable will have gathered that...

Still behind on a few things right now, but lets get on with the proper stuff.

Click any for full size. Flicks to


Eines thing also on this weekend.

Jet Set Radiooo

Think I'll stick with the Dreamcast.....

Oldskool London Writers Bench

From the other weekend. Was ment to upload them straight after but I'm getting on abit myself and finding it hard to survive out here....
Photo's taken with permission from Merc's Flickr. I'm sure there was more on here but if you've not seen them then have a look around Facebook or Elates blog.

Weekend is here!

ATG party
£5 and last time at the current venue.


Reclaim the beach
Free party on the thames.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


For the reply to a few emails and anyone else wondering, this vid recently uploaded has nothing to do with us.

Man is electrocuted on rail line

BBC news - Wednesday, 8 July 2009 11:57 UK

A man died when he was electrocuted on a rail line in Essex and another was injured a day after a Network Rail warning about the dangers of tracks.
Emergency services were called to the track side about 800 yards (740m) from a bridge on Fort Road, in Tilbury, in the early hours.
The man was pronounced dead but British Transport Police gave no other details.
The East of England Ambulance Service said another person was taken to the Thurrock Hospital with burns.
Network Rail head of community safety Martin Gallagher said the death came just a day after a station poster campaign started highlighting the dangers of jumping on to tracks.
Trespass problem
Posters at many of Britain's biggest and busiest stations show coffin-shaped railway sleepers with RIP messages describing how trespassers met their fate, Mr Gallagher said.
"Anyone trespassing on the railway is putting themselves in incredible danger.
"Trains are powered by 25,000 volts of electricity in overhead lines, and they are never switched off.
"Our poster campaign launched this week asks 'what price your life?' This tragedy brings home this message all too clearly."
Last year there were about 9,000 reported incidents of trespass on Britain's railway, although the true figure is thought to be much higher.


RIP whoever this is, hopefully we don't know them.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

New Trailers

The Neighbours


HurtYouBad is now back up with an odd looking blog. I see that someone on there has been commenting about Twitter and is obviously a member of it.. oh dear.. Do you follow Britney...?

See quite an amusing post on there about Vamps sponsor. Surely a piss take?? But thanks for the shout...

Can't copy flicks from there easily anymore so no photo for them sorry...


UncouthYouth has been having more blog posts than it did for the whole year or 2008! Noticed that alot of it is foreign stuff. And shamefully they are now on Twitter.... Very gay indeed boys.... Heres something you and HYB can have on your ipods...


WritersDelight, still holding it down. Fresh flicks as always and a nice new Amor interview.