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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Neighbours


HurtYouBad is now back up with an odd looking blog. I see that someone on there has been commenting about Twitter and is obviously a member of it.. oh dear.. Do you follow Britney...?

See quite an amusing post on there about Vamps sponsor. Surely a piss take?? But thanks for the shout...

Can't copy flicks from there easily anymore so no photo for them sorry...


UncouthYouth has been having more blog posts than it did for the whole year or 2008! Noticed that alot of it is foreign stuff. And shamefully they are now on Twitter.... Very gay indeed boys.... Heres something you and HYB can have on your ipods...


WritersDelight, still holding it down. Fresh flicks as always and a nice new Amor interview.


  1. Bit hypocritical dissing other sites about twitter when the front page on here is boasting about having 1000 "friends" on facebook aint it?

    How about some original content of your own rather than blogging about others?
    If we wanted to look at those sites we all know where they are.

    Fix up Graff London.

  2. Have to say I agree with the anti twitter campaign

  3. is that vamp thing real?