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Monday, 13 July 2009

Terry Screening

The screening for the new film, Terry, took place in London last night and GraffLondon was invited down for the Nastyhabits production which entertained a full house.

Writing on The Wall
First we watched a small film called Writing on The Wall, which was a small film about graffiti and the lifestyle.. It included a few writers telling things how they see them. Spat, Sick, & Dogz all involved, including local council representatives. It was a nice way to open up.

The film is about a guy called Terry being followed around by a student with a video cam, who is making a project. We follow Terry around West London and slowly learn things about him, about life on the dole, drugs, drink, and all the other madness that he gets up to on a daily basis.

I enjoyed the film alot and thought the acting was very impressive. I hope this is the start of more bigger and better things to come in the future! Check it.