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Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Its hard to keep up!

Duba RIP

After 5 and a half years its good to still see some serious stuff going on here. The writers index is taking off bigtime and that is gunna be one hell of a gallery!

Some serious shit going down in that writers index this week. Yesterday was the busiest day on the forum so far this year with well over 1000 photo's posted.
Alot of them may have been seen before, but theres a new NO THUMBNAILS policy taking place. Every thumbnail posted up full size now, most posts with 2 flicks per post (thats 50 flicks per page for viewing pleasures).

Tons of new threads added. From the top of my head: ELK, DIET, RAINMAN, SLAM, ASIA, CUT, SPYER, DOWT, DUBA RIP, PENO, ARXS, PETRO, PLUG, KORSA, OZONE RIP & loads more! And more going up daily. Alot of them have been started even if I have not added many photo's in there. This is due to not having the time and just getting the thread in place for other people to post up in them.

Loads of threads still needed. If you see one missing then post up in the info & help section first about it. Please ask first this saves anyone from wasting their time. Theres a few threads that are not going up... not our decision...

Nearly all pinned topics are updated with full size images. Overseas, Random photo's, Vehicles, Bombs & Damage, etc..The steel one might be done last as it will take a while.... Whenever I take a few flicks now I'll update these pages.

Big up dirtydeeds & all or nothing yesterday for their heavy posting. Also niterunners keeping us busy. There are still a few threads with thumbnails in, if you are bored or have some spare time then feel free to post the thumbnails up as full size photos, 2 photos per post. Would speed shit up.

And finally I'd just like to big up all the mods that have been clearing shit up for the last year. Mainly Chunga the last few months! Over the past year I reckon we have cleaned up about 150,000 posts. I went through that London Underground thread the other day and it is just a fucking amazing gallery of flick upon flick. Very enjoyable indeed, hopefully all threads in the decoration section will look like this soon!

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