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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Man is electrocuted on rail line

BBC news - Wednesday, 8 July 2009 11:57 UK

A man died when he was electrocuted on a rail line in Essex and another was injured a day after a Network Rail warning about the dangers of tracks.
Emergency services were called to the track side about 800 yards (740m) from a bridge on Fort Road, in Tilbury, in the early hours.
The man was pronounced dead but British Transport Police gave no other details.
The East of England Ambulance Service said another person was taken to the Thurrock Hospital with burns.
Network Rail head of community safety Martin Gallagher said the death came just a day after a station poster campaign started highlighting the dangers of jumping on to tracks.
Trespass problem
Posters at many of Britain's biggest and busiest stations show coffin-shaped railway sleepers with RIP messages describing how trespassers met their fate, Mr Gallagher said.
"Anyone trespassing on the railway is putting themselves in incredible danger.
"Trains are powered by 25,000 volts of electricity in overhead lines, and they are never switched off.
"Our poster campaign launched this week asks 'what price your life?' This tragedy brings home this message all too clearly."
Last year there were about 9,000 reported incidents of trespass on Britain's railway, although the true figure is thought to be much higher.


RIP whoever this is, hopefully we don't know them.

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