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Friday, 11 December 2009

Neighbourhood watch

Not done one of these posts for a little while so some of the articles might be a few weeks old. A few things that may or may not be of interest. Click blue titles for link, not the photo.

Flick of the day
^ Might of posted this before, can't remember..

Some naughty fuckers out there lately, alot more than usual. Daily media releases on the BTP site, some several a day. I heard about this organised crew going around nicking cable from the railway and selling it for scraps. BTP have mentioned it in their December issue magazine.

'CARTRAIN' you are a cock!

Foxtrot Red: on a mission

Not sure how FCC (First Capital Connect) manage to do so well there, their standards are shocking. What a surprise TFL's London Overground is the 'favourite' aswel... I wonder who votes in these bucksheet polls...

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