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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Xmas steel update latest

EDIT: 27/12/09, 07:28 - Started it last night but passed out for a few hours. On with the update

The update will be going up very late tonight, by the time you read this blog tomorrow the update will be live. There were more photo's than I thought and it has taken abit of time to sort out, more than thought originally.
I'll be out all day then when I get back this evening I'll be concentrating on the forum and then sort out the update after the forum rush hour has passed.
I did as much as I could last night but I was too fucked. There were still photo's coming in late last night for it aswel, so if you didn't get a chance get an email over today and I'll check the inbox tonight and throw them in there for you.

Now go get that new digi cam your missus bought you and get out there. See you this evening


  1. its tomorrow now...

  2. yup its tomorrow maybe my computers not picking up the photos :(

  3. come on theres nothin on TV

  4. just got in, little bit later than planned.

    its gunna take a while hosting all the photo's. if you wanna watch it bit by bit then up to you, if not will all be here when you wake up.


  5. oright keep ya knockturnalism on and hurry the fuck and grandad have been waiting ages for this.

  6. done some of it last night then fell asleep for a few hours

    on with the update

  7. is it me or are there no pics up yet?!

  8. let's see more of that full color whole train that someone posted under metal masters!!!

  9. come on tj hookers on soon