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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

'You Aerosol'

Banksy vs. Robbo

See some of this in one of the threads on the forum last week I think it was. Banksy has definently slipped up bigtime, wouldn't be surprised if Robbo gives him another slap, or maybe a punch would be more appropriate this time...
This article is from today's Sun newspaper.

Vintage ... original King Robbo daubing on wall

Changed ... workman apparently pasting up Robbo's graffiti was painted on to the work by maverick artist Banksy

Revenge ... King Robbo makes his mark again

LEGENDARY graffiti ace Banksy has triggered a street art war by altering a rival's work.
The elusive aerosol painter caused outrage by wrecking an image that had been left untouched for 24 years.

Its creator - known as King Robbo by fans - retaliated immediately by spraying his name in 3ft letters on to Banksy's picture of a workman.
Disgusted street artists then launched an internet hate campaign against Banksy, whose work has been bought by stars including Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera.

One, calling himself Citrus Topnote, Jr, said on an online message board: "Regardless of the condition of the Robbo, it should have been left alone.
"Someone who's been around as long as Banksy should know the drill by now."

Banksy changed King Robbo's work while painting five new images in the run-up to Christmas in Camden Town, North London.
One featured a workman pasting graffiti-covered paper - Robbo's original work - on a grey wall.

Comments of interest on the article:

"Why is King Robbo a legend? Looks like the crap 12 year olds do round here.....Banksy got talent though" - positivethinkin

"They are both nothing but chav **** vandals. Why give them the publicity, just paint over the **** they daub on other peoples property." - pingsobb

"this is something that the previous comments wont get or understand.its part of the basic rules and etiquette of graffiti painting that have existed since the 1970's.
yes to an outsider - it seems like petty squabbling, but this is like walking into the louvre and drawing a moustache on the mona lisa. robbo would have been a kid when he first painted that piece. the fact that its lasted over 2 decades gets respect from the graffiti community - when pieces can be painted and ruined with in a few hours of completion these days.
it seems that anything with the word "banksy" on it causes media hysteria....
surely if you feel this is not "newsy" enough for you - go back to looking at page 3. or dont buy a paper." - dimeone



  1. 'daub' 'daubing' such gay words

  2. destroy all street art

  3. Buff a Banksy in 2010

  4. i think that the whole thing was setup to create hype for both partys........everyone knows that a prominent wd pfb writer works for banksy. and if u did'nt you do now.
    also the bit that banksy covered of robbo was completely gone with tags therfore all banksy really did was incorporate the remaining bit of robbos piece in to one of his making a statement about the state of london graffiti.

    people go on like its a real beef but knowing personally how the banksy camp works , i could bet money the whole thing was staged.

  5. you're probably right but if so it has backfired badly for Wanksy cos nuff writers are out for artfag blood looking to join 10foot on the front line.

    and Wanksy hires writers like E** and C*** to put his fucking stencils up anyway cos he has too many millions in the bank to lose if he gets nicked. so if writers respond in numbers and dog him with their free paint he won't be able keep up... how long does it take to cut out a 'clever' stencil and pay someone to paint it for you? it only takes a few seconds to do a tag...