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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

No vandalism!

Whatever you are doing tonight just make sure you don't spend it in a cell... Sadly I can't be in Amsterdam tonight like I would want, but I'll see you on the streets of central, if not see you in twenty ten! Have a good one.

2009 rewinds
Seen a few posts about these on a few sites, but the best I've probably seen is from BNTL. Check it out.

Poll results for: Best thing on GraffLondon, this year -

Clean up of comments
36 (50%)
Photo posting only
27 (38%)
The blog
27 (38%)
The forum
15 (21%)
Search feature on forum
14 (19%)
Brick Bashers
18 (25%)
Metal Masters
29 (40%)
13 (18%)
Writers Index opening
21 (29%)
10 (14%)
Fight Club
11 (15%)
10 (14%)
Far & Wide
17 (23%)
Writers Interviews
21 (29%)
Other things...
9 (12%)

Appreciate the feedback.


  1. Happy new year from ELK PFB WD

    Dont miss out on Saturday the 9th of January at the pitch Fulham. Unity jam 2010. Some of Londons best old skool writers painting. Start time 9am.

  2. happy new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. haha that Unity shit is a wind up

    someone should go down fulham on the day and take a photo of the people who have fallen for it