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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Graffiti Central..

For loads of photos and running commentary of a day painting that wall over in east check the link at the end.

"Situated between Shoreditch high street and Brick Lane and opposite the new Chrome and Black shop with the Rarekind Gallery downstairs, this is London’s graffiti central"

This is now East London’s most visible and longest graffiti wall and is at the heart of the most graffitied area in the country. The wall is a youth project organised by Richmix for young people to learn graffiti with experts and professionals such as the legendary Prime, a face I Iast saw at the Covent Garden ‘writers bench’ in around ‘89.

‘Covent’ or ‘The Bench’ was the Saturday spot where graffiti writers and b-boys from all over came to hang out, plan missions, sign each others black books and show outlines and photos. I never painted with him before but from seeing his work I always regarded him very highly among the kings of piecing from the eighties and early nineties along with Fuel, Scam, Foam, Cazbee and Kast. To watch Prime paint today it confirms my suspicions, he’s sure as hell still got the magic, as you will see.

Prime and Aks both did huge walls along with Gee-U, Kade and Pie doing pieces and characters with help and input from the young people and other local writers. I did a small piece with a background and character around a character by Mark, one of the young people from the project.


Do you think that East London is the graff central for London graffiti..?

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