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Thursday, 30 April 2009


SWT are losing money. Hopefully they put it to better use in the near future.

Dispite the price of beer going up, Wetherspoon prices are staying the same.

Good luck to Ricky Hatton this Saturday

'Significant losses' ... South West Trains

ONE of Britain’s biggest transport firms has gone to war with the Government after being hammered by the credit crunch.
STAGECOACH yesterday demanded the Department for Transport steps in and covers “significant” losses coming down the tracks at SOUTH WEST TRAINS.

The company amazed the rail industry by calling in arbitrators to settle the row.

PUB group JD WETHERSPOON is to freeze prices all summer — despite the Chancellor’s latest beer duty hike.

Boss Tim Martin said they opposed the rise and had to “do their bit” for punters.
The chain will review prices in September.
Beer duty rose two per cent last week.

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