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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Interviews update

Just to let you know, I've edited a couple of interviews and also added another exclusive photo on Chocks page that I somehow missed out.
Feel free to check them out.

Heres that link again for the interview index page:

More interviews coming soon.

Oh and...
Bye bye Chelski 


  1. nice interviews, shame Noir is a hypocritical cock with a shit style he probably bit out of a magazine. saying 'you don't need the net to promote yourself' he's the ONE writer whos had an internet presence in one way or another for like 10 years. i notice the ATS thread in the Clans section is just loads of yardshots - says it all really! if it weren't for the net no one would know of the cunt

    as for chelscum and drogba, what goes around comes around! haha gutted for the bunch of fucking moaning cunts, i really am. get your chequebook out abramovich...

  2. im feelin noirs style ya know. quite, 'tech style' could we call it?