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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Rail Graffiti Yobs..

..Daub Tags On East Herts Line Train Again

GRAFFITI vandals have once again daubed brightly coloured tags on a train on the East Herts line.

In February the Herald revealed how the taggers targeted the trains, leaving them looking like something from the New York Subway rather than an East Herts commuter train.

The lurid designs were spotted daubed across the side of the train obscuring the windows and part of one of the doors, this morning (Monday).

A spokesman for National Express East Anglia told the Herald: "When a train is subject to graffiti we do endeavour to take it out of service as soon as possible, occasionally during peak times we wait to take it out of service.

"We do work very closely with the British Transport Police (BTP) and all graffiti is photographed and sent to them.


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