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Monday, 11 May 2009

Here come the bullets

UK's first ever high speed service, 140mph bullet trains!
The new high speed trains confirmed for December 09 and also an extra other 200 trains will be running every weekday. Millions of pounds put into new depot facilities and station improvements.

Southeastern published today the draft new timetable* due to come into effect on Sunday 13 December. The timetable, including the UK's first ever high speed service, will result in a 5% increase in capacity on peak services across the entire network.

This will be the largest change to the timetable of services in Kent, East Sussex and South East London in forty years.

A new fleet of 29 Hitachi Class 395 trains will be able to accelerate rapidly to 140mph, slashing the current journey times from Kent into London St Pancras.
The first few trains have already arrived for testing, the remainder will be delivered in 2009.
Two new stations at Ebbsfleet and Stratford have been built and £87 million invested in new depot facilities at Ramsgate and Ashford to facilitate the maintenance of the Hitachi built trains.

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  1. can the rails actually handle these new trains?