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Friday, 29 May 2009


Poll Results for - Favourite type of oldskool music?
  33 (39%)
  13 (15%)
Hip Hop
  31 (37%)
  6 (7%)

Thanks to all that voted. If you could take 2 seconds to vote in each poll would be appreciated as they are mainly used for feedback for future blog posts. New poll every 2 weeks, and as the elections are coming up, new poll is: Who are you voting for? If you're not voting please select who you would support anyway.

Oldskool writers bench cancelled.
Sadly this event has now been cancelled, so we've been told... Apparently this was supposed to be through word of mouth, no flyers, nobody under the age of 30 AND wasn't involved with the people that originally arranged the event....

Maybe the organizers should inform the people they are inviting of their rules in the future, that way you won't have flyers appearing, info being emailed, and the event getting mentioned on various websites...

48hr Tube strike
RMT members on the Tube will walk out from 6.59pm on Tuesday June 9 until 6.58pm on Thursday June 11. 

A mother has given birth to the first ever boy born on the London Underground.

A CONFUSED cabbie took a wrong turn and drove two terrified passengers along an electrified railway line — because his sat nav told him to.

Ginny Dougary and teenage sons take a guided tour of Harlem and the Bronx to find the roots of hip-hop

I’ve probably been arrested for graffiti between 15 and 20 times,” says Ben Eine

A Costa coffee shop was vandalised days before its opening  -  because locals feared for the future of an old-fashioned tea shop nearby. 

Vandalised: Resident smeared the words 'Costa Go Home' in red paint on the new branch of Costa Coffee shop branch in Whitstable, Kent

Just 1 month ago, Network Rail announced a £35 BILLION investment into the railway. Why? Probably because the railway is a complete shambles, especially compared to other places in the world. 
Just weeks on and records are being broken all over the place. Train punctuality has reched record highs, but how is this possible? 
The number of passengers has increased by 60% in 15 years, a shocking amount and whats even more shockng is that there are only 5% more trains on the lines.
LU isn't any better either, all the problems, strikes and all the rest of it. 
And a few weeks ago, we see the London Underground winning the 'metro of the year' award. 
Some people live in a dream world...

And I'd just like to say well done to them people in Kent, with their rage at Costa. Nice to see some people value where they live and not let big businesses trample all over them and be involved with every single thing in their life!

And finally, that cab driver who drove onto the fucking railway, what a cock! Do you think people jump red lights and drive into the back of other cars on the road just cos the sat nav says go straight? Fucking Champion...

Kent Police are to launch a specialised operation to target graffiti and criminal damage. Police say that 91 counts of criminal damage were reported in the targeted region between September 2008 and January this year.

Earlier today the Observer reported how a disruptive and unreliable service had driven rail passenger Julie Bart of Abbots Langley to tears.

"Stuffy, overcrowded, irritable, nauseating, putrid. These were just a few of the words that I had used to describe London’s Underground System, as I was making that most tedious journey on the Piccadilly Line, from South Kensington to Russell Square. And it’s not just me that feels this way. I know for a fact, that thousands of other commuters are bored to death by the state of the appalling transportation service that is… the Tube."
Taken from this Crossrail article, which includes some decent info for anyone interested.

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