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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Subscribe info

I'd just like to pont out some of the features on following or to subscribe.

A Google Account is a user account which provides access to Google-owned services such as Blogger, YouTube, and other Google Groups within the Google family..

Subscribe and follow the site, be the first to hear the latest..
Subscribe - To posts or comments and have the latest posts or comments notified on your iGoogle home page. Don't have an iGoogle page? You're missing out..

If you follow multiple blogs on blogger, you can view all new posts on one easy newsfeed through your google account dashboard. Just an easier way to see whats new instead of wasting 3 hours checking 100 different blogs with half of them having nothing since your last visit.
Follow - With a google account you can keep connected to other friends signed up and various sites you are interested in on blogger.

Don't have a gmail account? You don't need one! Google accounts (different from gmail ones) let you use hotmail, yahoo, or whatever it is you use. 
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