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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Railway graffiti vandal, 19, jailed

One of the photos seized from ******* laptop showing the 19-year-old 'tagging' a train carriage

A 19-YEAR-OLD who caused £100,000 of damage by vandalising railway stations and trains has been jailed for nine months.

******** sprayed graffiti on railway property across the south east, including at stations in Buckinghamshire.

******, of ******, Caversham, Berkshire, was caught out after his fingerprints linked him to graffiti at Amersham station.

He was jailed at Reading Crown Court on Friday after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal damage.

Officers from British Transport Police found a laptop containing “thousands” of photographs of graffiti damage when his home was searched as part of an investigation.

Forensic analysis linked ******** to the tag GNAT found at several of the sites and a graffiti crew called the Cheeky Boys.

As well as vandalising property at Amersham, ****** admitted committing offences at stations in Reading, Basingstoke, Farnham, Guildford, Weymouth, Woking, Redhill, Aylesbury and Clapham Junction between January 2006 and December 2007.

DS Pete Thrush from British Transport Police said after ******* sentencing: "Over a two-year period, he caused substantial damage to railway property and numerous trains were delayed or cancelled as carriages were kept in depots waiting to be cleaned from the damage he caused.

"The sentence today will hopefully serve as a warning to others that those who engage in defacing and damaging railway property can expect to be pursued by British Transport Police and bought before the courts for their crimes."


  1. "Reading, Basingstoke, Farnham, Guildford, Weymouth, Woking, Redhill, Aylesbury and Clapham Junction"

    for all the toys, theres a list of shit BR plots if u want to go and do them...

    the lessons to be learnt are... 1 he didnt get hotted until he left a tin at amersham... and 2 he shouldnt have left flicks on his laptop (he wouldve even got NFAed for amersham if they hadnt found the flicks!!!)...

    so dont leave prints and definitely dont keep flicks at home, and you should be ok to smash all those plots.

    BTP stupid mugs hahahaha

  2. aye the keeping photos on the pc was silly.. but prison is just stupid.. this is why community service was invented! bastards.

  3. he was arrested at one of the plots though also, it says in another newspaper article that his car was pulled over by police

  4. cuss his plots all you want. but Gnat really got things done. the panel shown in the foto he did when he was 15. he has improved shit loads and hits panels all over the country. i think he deserves some respect as hes probably done alot more than anyone who has commented here.

  5. yeah i see that other article. he got pulled over near a station and that led to the searches of his home etc. not sure if he was arrested inside anywhere

  6. For all you judging him clearly know fuckall about him apart from what has been mentioned in this artical. He was never arrested in any plot he got arrest for conspiracy to commit criminal damage in a random station carpark. the prints were not found on the cans, they were found on a montana box which held cans i believe. as far as i know he left flicks accidently out at home that one time. as for the justice system in this country, it's a joke!!!!

  7. im feeling the CB handstyle on the bottom left...

  8. how can ppl cuss him when he that pic they show was one of his first panels years ago, he decent know i have seen kinda recent panels and there hard...

    free GNAT
    r.i.p wants and ozone

  9. FREE GNATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!