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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Youtube failthful

ON Danielle Lloyd getting a beating last night:

"She might be thick and scouse, she might even deserve the regular battering she gets these days but I for one would definitely still squirt my liquid kid lotion into her if she asked nicely." - FookinBastad 

"How the fuck is she racist and if its coz of BB then your dumber than you sound. Her ex Boyfriend was black you silly cunt. & She didnt deserve this, Y did no 1 step in? Shes been thru enough in her life with domestic violence nevermind this shit" - Sharna18x 

"thats what nighclubs are all about, violence" - HerbalAbuse

"lesbain bitch fight ? ...were dildos used ?" - lllnnn333 

"so people hav a problem with her cos she has been with a few footballers.....big deal,im sure all those jealous bitches that hate her hav been with a hell of alot more only they aint footballers just scabby std riddled men,who wud be with any dog that walks by,yeah???" - marshiemellow23 

Gotta love these fuckers that waste their life chatting shit and beefing eachother getting nowhere. They proper get into it, far too much I think personally. Even got a 'like' and 'dislike' feature on youtube now for every comment! Lucky people...
Also stumbled upon the God of England (Boris J's) Twitter. Who on earth would wanna follow other peoples life like that? It's just beyond me seriously... 

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