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Wednesday, 20 May 2009


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GraffLondon Writers Bench

People's Army @ HQ Brixton.     Facebook event
Invite your family.

Rail news

Members of the Rail Maritime and Transport union based on the Victoria line will walk out at 9pm tomorrow evening for a second time over safety equipment and claims of bullying and victimisation.

Deutsche Bahn is close to securing a concession from Eurotunnel that would allow the German national railway to send its high-speed trains through the Channel tunnel and offer direct services from Germany to London.

Branson: Let me invest in railways
SIR RICHARD BRANSON is urging ministers to hand the private sector a greater role in the railways by giving entrepreneurs freedom to invest in new trains, stations and track.

There is £195m being invested across the southeastern network, and they have a new trailer for the bullets, probably the gayest thing I have ever seen & heard. 

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