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Monday, 15 June 2009

London Handstyles nickin' flicks??

There seems to be quite alot of talk about this. Seen a few comments on the blog post from last week, few more on the forum and more talk on other websites.
Just after GraffLondon was born came a magazine called Fatbucks, made by Ser FDC. I remember the owner of South London Loonies telling me he contacted them about using their photo's for the mag. SLL replied no but he used them anyway.. I, and Im sure alot of others wouldn't agree with this, then or now.
As a member of this website for many years I know exactly how easy it is to be accused of stealing flicks. People do seem to forget that many photo's get in different hands and all sorts of people try claiming photo's, and multiple people send the same photo's out for various things.
And I'm sure this is the case with this new book. Simply many people owning the same photo's and just different people sending them, saying these are all mine, feel free to use them.
I know who is involved with creating this book, and I know a few people that have had 'hands on' already and say its great.
I don't know why people are getting all arsey about it, it is just tags at the end of the day.... But well done to those involved, I'm sure everything is legit with it all.. Look forward to seeing it. Not like London has alot to show these days...

I know there are a couple more books and mags that are coming out this year. Will keep you posted with the latest from them, if you are involved then send updates our way. GraffLondon magazine and film both out summer 2012, will be the best thing in London since Futura's first visit........


  1. i will be racking a copy. surely thats what the authors would want? what goes around comes around...

  2. ^^^


    People are "getting all arsey" because the makers of the book are looking to make a profit off stolen flicks!
    If it's all about doing something positive then why are they going round stealing photos without permission and then using them to make money for themselves.

    That's not repping the scene - that's just shamelessly making a quick bit of cash.
    They are currently going round asking people to pay silly money to advertise in it.
    Unless they are planning to give the book away when it's done then they will be making money off that and the cost of the book.

    I'll save my money for crack & shine or Skore and Drax's book and just rack a copy of this.

  3. well not like every photo in the book is stolen! don't see the problem

  4. we all wanna make cash but just credit the pics to those that took the photo (if known), give em a copy of the book & thank them.

    I do think it's funny that people will rack this book. Profound irony.

    I wont hold my breath for the Skore/Drax book. Last time I asked Skore about it he said - no time - too busy. I gave him loads of old flix too.

    Fuck it. It's all bollox anyway.