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Friday, 26 June 2009

Flick of the day

From UK Legals.


  1. i am doing a rain dance to make biting Teach, Diet and Stax come back in fashion again. i miss that London funk!

    fuck all these Xplicit Overground Handz 2 biters. Euro shit is boring as fuck.

  2. the current keepers of the funk are all 'expat' bumpkins: Oker, Petro, Siege, etc

    ATG made looseness and self expression look lame and shallow, something only tossers would do. i blame them.

  3. maybe a few bumpkins but only the oldskool londoners can hold it down for real london style, but sadly they don't do fuck all.

  4. fuck atg and rt. people like seen, cope, zomby and anyone else thats been there and done it can do he whole legal thing, and act like they are some sort of celeb.
    atg and rt thrive on the artfag world and go all the wrong way about it with their policies