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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Back from Bristol

I have alot of photo's but can't get them on the net right now so bare with these photo's taken from a couple of news sites, obviously from the celeb preview last night.

I was only here as I was close to Bristol the weekend, there's no way I would have travelled from London for it.. no way...
And was also my first time in Bristol! Never venture out this far to be honest (in England) and I was impressed by the area and the graffiti it had to offer. Motorway dubs and pieces on arrival, and quite abit of street bombing here & there. Quite a few rooftops around the town, it wasn't as bad as I always thought...

As you can see from the post yesterday its on till August sometime. If you live near it then why not its free. Wouldn't waste the time and travel hours for it, as you will probably just see everything online anyway but up to you... I flicked nearly all of the decent stuff, get them on when I can or click here for Flickr alternative.


  1. props for this. bristol's roads are a fucking maze of endless traffic lights and empty buses.