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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Going Underground

If you were hit by last week's London Underground strike you can apply for a "goodwill" payment voucher from Transport for London.

Speedy Exits

This all looks very gay indeed. Who worries that much to be aware of where they will step off onto the platform? And not only that, but when you get into a normal travel routine, you know roughly where abouts you'll get off on the platform anyway as you more than likely have done the journey a few times... not that it really matters does it...?
For those interested though, check out the full demo.

If you want to see what the London Underground looked like in the second world war, it's worth popping over to Colindale station this weekend - 20th - 21st June.

"The entire station will be placed on World War II footing with staff in period costume and the station dressed in full 1940s regalia with sandbags, watch tower and a display showing how London Underground kept the capital moving during the war."

Bit random but could be a laugh. Never know probably see a bloody Banksy dub down there on arrival, just waiting to get in the papers............

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