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Monday, 8 June 2009

Discontinued stock

On a certain shelf, down a certain aisle, in certain Homebase stores, there are cheap tins being sold and never to be seen again...
Yes, the Chungster has been talking about it and I've just witnessed it myself this weekend... Whilst doing my sunday shopping buying my garden plants I noticed that away from the main plasti-kote range, a discount section down a different aisle which had many tins, most of them £2, some £1.50. Some random colours that probably don't sell that good, I guess this is the reason they are no longer making them.
Chunga said that there wasn't many left near him (hmmm wonder why), so for anyone who wants cheap crappy tins here's your heads up. Just don't forget to, ermmmm..... stop at the till on the way out!

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