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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

New York Fat Cap Chair & Hooded Fat Cap Chair

You can now bring one of the staple graff world tools to your very own house.
Originally submitted as part of the Interieur Foundation on its nineteenth consecutive prototype competition: the INTERIEUR 08 Design Competition, formerly known as 'Design for Europe'.
The chairs are centred on three thematic subjects, it focuses on new, functional, creative and contemporary prototypes.
Sander entered the competition with the worlds first New York Fat Cap Chair
and the Hooded Fat Cap Chair.
Inspired by the small, seemingly inconsequential things in life, designer Sander van Heukelom looked to something as small and trivial as spray can caps as the inspiration behind a line of chairs. Designed for his solo exhibition in Amsterdam titled “The Artistry of the Cap”, the two-piece collection includes the “New York Fat Cap Chair” and the “Hooded Fat Cap Chair.

You can get more info and order one HERE

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