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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Back by public demand!

After 2 and a half years out of the online game the writers index is now back by public demand. Now open to the general public the index takes it place once again alongside the top sections of the forum.

The aim
Hopefully in time we can get every major name (old and new) from the UK in the section. Every writer, every picture, the biggest documentation of UK graff online. A gallery that will keep you occupied for hours....

The rules
Photo posting ONLY
If you think a certain writer is missing from this section then query it on the writers index and crews topic in the info and help section. Known writers only.

More info
Section now open to post photo's only. All photo's will have to be approved before they appear in this section.

If you have any photo's but don't want to upload them yourself (ie steel and exclusives) then feel free to email them to:

Please only post 1 or 2 photo's per post. This saves us having 500 photo's per page.

If you would like to find a particular page then please use the search feature if their page is not on the old writers index links page.

Special info
For those people (and there will be a couple) that will ask me on facebook or something where the index is, its at the top of this page underneath the banner.

Up to date
Now I know that there will need to be a few changes on the index. They will all happen over time, most important thing is that its now open.

Only the writers pages are open to post in. Steel, random photo's and all others pinned will remain closed and for viewing purposes only.

If you have a photo, then feel free to post it multiple times under the writers page on the index, their crews page in the crews section. Then in whatever its on, say british rail, london, uk legals etc etc.

The writers index has had 407,696 hits which is ranked 7th (out of 12) overall on the forum.

Mods - Check no name section later for more info.

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