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Monday, 29 June 2009

'Graffiti capital of Europe'

(Text translated from German and not all accurate but I'm sure you get the jist of whats being said)

Graffiti Train and LPP cost 15.4 million euros

Berlin is the graffiti capital of Europe - and this is expensive: BVG Train and 2008, a total had 15.4 million euros for the removal of graffiti graffiti issue. The greatest damage was the S-Bahn.
Grafitti an einer S-Bahn im Bahnhof Potsdamer Platz: Mehhr als 15 Millionen Euro hat das Entfernen von Graffiti und ähnlichen Formen der sachbeschädigung BVG und Bahn 2008 gekostet.

Graffiti in a subway station in Potsdamer Platz: Mehhr than 15 million euros, the removal of graffiti and other forms of criminal damage and BVG Train 2008 tasted.
The German Railway has in Greater Berlin in the last year 6.8 million euros for the elimination of vandalism damage output. This decreased the total loss compared to 2007 amounting to 700,000 euros, in comparison, Federal Berlin but still in second place behind North Rhine-Westphalia.Reason for complacency, there is therefore not, as Klaus Kandt, President of the Federal Directorate of Berlin, said. "A single drop is still no positive trend," said Kandt. Susanne Kufeld, security chief of Deutsche Bahn in the region, goes a step further. Measured against the country's size and population of Berlin was not only the graffiti capital of Germany but of Europe. Increasingly, cases were registered in which sprayer traveling from abroad to enjoy their signatures, called tags, to leave.
500 cases of graffiti graffiti, and 300 cases of vandalism offenses edit other officers of the police every month. The spectrum ranges from the destruction or torn aufgeschlitzten seats, scratched discs, or up to verätzten emptied fire extinguishers. The focus of the crime scenes in the city area. Most deeds occur in the nights from Thursday to Sunday. Most often, it is true railway trains and the S-Bahn. Five million accidents have been alone there in the past year.
Not better, the situation in the LPP. The transport companies had 2008, a total of 8.6 million euros for the elimination of vandalism issue. Also, although the 300,000 euros less than in the previous year, but still an outrageous number, "said LPP spokesperson Petra Reetz. By "hirnverbrannte and senseless" destruction of the company were stable for many years more than eight million euros, which are otherwise in services for the passengers could invest. The joint investigation team of federal and state police leads to the slight decline, inter alia, to increased pressure determination. This would now Tags meticulously documented, in order to assign certain offenders can be. Nevertheless, not all sprayer taken as the head of the federal grant. What is the education rate, Kandt will not say "it might be greater."


Still too rarely succeeds officials as a success last Saturday. At night was at the station Ludwigsfelde a Regional Express train to 70 square meters have been sprayed. Damage there alone: 15,000 euros. Only shortly after the investigators were able to identify the tags and with an investigation in the vicinity of the station, the nine alleged offenders aged 19 to 22 years, ding-proof.
The German train sets in the fight against vandalism, violence and injuries in addition to increased investigative mainly on prevention work. 5000 Berlin students have been since last year through the prevention and train teams of federal police informed. Since Wednesday is one of the Swiss Federal Railways borrowed and rebuilt in Präventionszug Ostbahnhof. Students ten o'clock-15 o'clock years, not only for the consequences of vandalism awareness, but also for life hazards. Young died in 2008 after train information nationwide by a further 40 young people at the wrong conduct railway. Mostly they underestimated the danger of leading the 15,000-volt overhead lines or the speed of the trains. Not so rare crash graffiti sprayers on the run from the police.
On Saturday, all of Berlin from 9 to 14 clock opportunity to Präventionszug on track 1 of the Ostbahnhof to visit. Then the train leaves the campaign fair and safe "for Rostock. Other stations are Hamburg, Frankfurt / Main, Stuttgart and Munich.
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