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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Updates, Runners, Sentencing

....and everything else

Flick of the day

Yard Ravers
Not been on the site much this week, with the small time I've been online its been spent sorting out photo's for the update. A nice selection already sent in, and just to make it aware, we have had a few random photo's and some nice yard shots being sent in. Please feel free to send them over aswel.
There is still no official date for it yet, (reguardless of the facebook event) confirmation on this soon.

2 Runners in 2 days
I've been out and about abit this week, and for the first time in 4 YEARS I have seen a tube panel running!
I caught something else aswel yesterday, and I've heard theres also a couple more things running around which is good news. I used to bench twice a week a few good years ago, but its definently worth keeping an eye out if you're out and about of late. I see some unfinished stuff on a southwest last week and something else the week before on southern.

Heads up
There are 6 young gentlemen being sentenced on friday and I am hoping to make it down there but if I can't, then expect info to be up here friday evening or possibly saturday as friday could be a busy one. Please keep your comments to yourselves until after, and if anyone gets any address of anyone that doesn't get posted up on here then pease email me in the coming weeks.

Was ment to have these reviews up for you on sunday just gone but ended up down the toby calvary for about 4 hours. Will try and do it this sunday cos like I said not had the time this week, will also be adding a new section within the index featuring any books/mags we have reviewed.

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