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Monday, 30 November 2009

Article released today

The article has finally gone up as I've seen on a few news websites and surprisingly there are still no tags put on any of the names which is not something you usually see. The BTP claim that they are aware and charged each person with a certain tag but I will not post any of their tags up as I don't know exactly what they were charged for at this time.
I've tried getting answers out of people that were present but they are just idiots to tell you the truth, I've had about 10 different answers to who got sentenced with what, all from people that were present in the court including gf's, family and friends aswel.

The official sentences that were handed out are:

Scott - 18 months
Ben - 6 months
Frazer - 15 months
Stephen - 6 months & 2 years suspended
Adam - 15 months
Jason - 9 months

A few comments from an article:

Howard Collins, Chief Operating Officer of London Underground said:

“The group’s actions cost thousands of pounds and resulted in trains being taken out of service. As well as causing unnecessary delays and distress to our passengers, they also put their own lives in danger.

“Criminal damage creates an intimidating atmosphere which is why we work hard to maintain a clean and pleasant network for our customers. We will be taking civil action to recover the debt that their damage created and will continue to devote significant and growing resources to visible policing across the transport system to make sure passengers feel comfortable and safe.”

Crown Prosecution Service London lawyer Olwen Evans said:

“This was an organised and prolific gang who worked together to plan attacks in order to cause disruption and delays. The estimated cost of these actions may be far higher if you take into account the losses suffered by the train companies as a result of these carriages being out of service.”

“The strength of the evidence which was to be put to the court by the Crown Prosecution Service is what led these defendants to plead guilty.

“Together with the British Transport Police, we gathered together a strong file of evidence which included photographs found on the defendants home computers. These pictured the defendants in the act of vandalising trains. These images allowed us to establish what the defendants ‘tags’ were and meant we could identify what damage they had each caused.”

Knockturnal Kniggins, Chief Operating Officer at GraffLondon said:

I wish them all the best. How can we take this authority seriously when there are non violent young men being sent into prison with murderers and vicious other criminals. Their crimes were non violent and victim-less yet they are being sent to prison longer than rapists, pedophiles, people carrying knives and all other sorts of scum that are a disease to this once great city.
Painting graffiti on trains is wrong, and should be illegal, however, prison does not work and thats a fact. A criminal collage which is not the place for these gents.

Have they forgotten about the young graffiti artist who took his life while inside not so long ago?

The justice system continues to be a joke.

I hope all responsible individuals involved in this have as much trouble sleeping as the 6 will in their new homes.


  1. Steve didnt get 6 months, he got the two years suspended and community service

  2. well said knock...

  3. sort it out, this is a breading ground for speculation, you should know better

  4. If anyone mentions any of the names any of those people mentioned may or may not have written, be it on your head.


  6. FREE Stay High 149, Super Kool 223, Lovester 1, Bozo Texino, Flint 707 and Dead Leg !!!

  7. well said super k

  8. Is it correct theyve been sent to wormwood scrubs? Is this tempory and are they being shipped out to other prisons? If u no where they are and got the prison number its important to write to them to keep there heads up and help them pass the time by and to no they got support. If anyone writes to Ben could u pass on a merry xmas from chris.


  9. 3 dws rip skeam