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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Criminal Damage spanish vid

London section part 1 of 9.


Torrent here


  1. it's funny that you, hyb and atg blog are all posting this within a day, when it's been on youtube for ages! nice footage though....

  2. ^ i remember seeing it on HYB about 2 years ago actually

    whats more surprising is that all three blogs are condoning plot rinsers writing 'fuck london' next to their tube panels...

    ave a word

  3. the videos were posted up at the end of september which was when i was offline for a few months.

    i know many people who only check this graff site so its worth posting up incase some people dont see it.

  4. "i know many people who only check this graff site"

    Really? Why what's wrong with them? Have they lost their keyboards?

    Nice of you to go round nicking other peoples content then taking the credit for it.
    You really are providing a public service here. Big up yourselves graff london.

  5. nicking other peoples content?

    is that why it says VIA under the video itself with the link of where it came from??

    open your eyes before getting excited on your little keyboard