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Thursday, 12 November 2009

UK Graffiti Trail Blazer

Cept Interview

- For the readers who don't already know you, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

C: I started writing in 1986, when graffiti was still hated. Golden years. I like painting, sex, swimming, drinking, smoking straight west coasting, I like old videos and records and books. I don't like rice pudding, in fact I've never eaten more than one mouth full of it in my life.
Rice is for curries and risottos and stuff like that, it doesn't compute with me that you can eat rice for pudding, it's a texture don't feel right, I'd rather an angel delight whip or ice cream for afters. I don't like aviaries, or zoo's, or people who front.

rest of the interview can her read HERE


  1. the interview is the same old shit! just another 30 something bitter, bald, fat, cunt, the type whose opinions we've heard a million times. moan moan moan !!!

    fuck off Cept you're not improving London with HOF pieces, legal shutters and fannying about in exhibitions. i don't give a shit about sclater street or tottenham hof and i never have. you discovered them? have a gold star

    go and do 50+ LU tracksides 50+ tubes MINIMUM (they are not even high amounts) then start talking about London graffiti......

  2. 1.cept has been writing since 1986 i remember when he smashed trains and tracks but it was probably before your time (i'm guessing your under 25?)

    2.he is not moaning and he is not bitter he is doing a light hearted interview

    3.50+lu tracksides 50+tubes....and then your a big man yeah?hahahaha shut your mouth you jumped up un-educated complete minor.

    peace to cept and all old skool pioneers who paved the way for people like this little shit

  3. "and then your a big man yeah?"

    nah 50 tubes in the Y2K era then his opinions on London might mean something even if i disagree with them. see Zomby, Steas, Noir, etc.

    Cept and TFW aren't fucking pioneers they're a bunch of losers in their thirties just looking for somewhere to do daytime pieces without getting too dirty. they should fuck off to Copenhagen or something cos London is fucking filthy!

  4. All I have to say is that 'Graffiti is for Life' piece is awful. What's up with the lettering? It's like I was doing when I was 11! That G is fucking embarrassing!!