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Sunday, 15 November 2009

London Handstyles review

I've got a London Handstyles review for you today, and I'll have a couple more book reviews for you at some point in the week... better late than never!
Sorry for the late one, I was away for a couple of months for those that don't know. And to add even more delay on my free books arriving, well.. you can blame the royal mail on that one......

London handstyles is a full colour 160 page book, jam packed full of over 800 tags, throw ups and action shots from the 80's through to the present day. Also featured are words, quotes and legendary tales from 35 of London's most prolific writers from the last 3 decades. The book is now on sale via the website London Handstyles and at Chrome & Black East London or HQ in Brixton.

With the clean up operation now well under way, sadly you can no longer see the work of London's most infamous writers... ...this book allows you never to forget.
A few of the writers that featured in the book have said a few words on what they think about the finished product:

Robbo PFB ’This book is a piece of history, the best thing since Subway Art!’

Fume DDS ’Looking at this book has brought straight back the buzz and mad memories and makes me want to go straight out and paint…A lot of unseen pics and great quotes showing what our life is like....underground.’

Zomby FBS ’This book for me digs deep into London’s underground culture and history, and at the same time gives lost or forgotten unsung heroes of our scene some light.’

I heard alot about this book way before it came out, and when I finally got to see it I could see why. The book is full of quality flicks, quotes and short stories from a great selection of writers. A good read, and a very highly enjoyable viewing experience.
'Re-living the memories' is what I've been doing already this week, so to pick this book up aswel has just highlighted the week for me. Incase you did forget, incase 'the buff' has mis placed your memory, this book 'never lets you forget', and it really does just that.
The book features the last 3 decades of the movement, and it is up until present day but whats best in it, is the more older stuff. The stuff when this city was up on top.

Flicking from page to page was like a nice journey, how getting the train used to be when looking out of the window.
The best thing about the book though, is it just feels proper real, overall. The stories, the writers, pictures, the whole fucking production if you know what I mean... Some books or mags just don't give you that 'real' feeling to it but this one doesn't let us down.

Couple of quotes featured in the book:

'When I see my stuff and it hasn't been lined I think what's up, don't they love me anymore?' - Oker

'The writers bench at Harrow was killer we had a crew called the sure shoot party crew at the back of the Met. We were on the Super T's and the girls were on the ciders. We all hooked up and terror took place.' - Dzia

Really nice book, props to the makers and everyone that made it possible. A great book representing the London scene. Highly recommend.
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