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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Hand of Doom

Henry's days are numbered...

I really couldn't give a fuck about either team here nor would I bother watching this game, but this is just sickening. Skipped past it in the papers but had to react when I see it on youtube and then react further after hearing the track from this video...
Am I the only one outraged that this lunatic has used the stickerbrush symphony from the 1995 Snes version of donkey kong country 2? Good to hear it again but well out of place there mate. Fucking youtube tossers.
Epic music, 16 bit music at its best in fact that pushed the boundaries and was way ahead of its time. Great memories from the past, this tune kind of makes you think back about your life, good times, and regrets...
Seriously thinking of going and downloading that game on the wii right now.

It's been a long and emotional night incase you ain't already picked up.... Re-live them memories..

..But anyway while we're on, or were on the topic of sport, here is an outrageous article from Staines news that someone showed me, about the FA Cup tie with Millwall next week.
I thought it was some joke at first but its actually not. If you think the article is funny then check out those comments below. A great read!

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