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Saturday, 28 November 2009


Mixture of sentences handed out yesterday.

22 months
15 months
community service

Not putting any names up as I'm not 100% sure who went down for what words... Addresses up when I get hold of them, names up when I see what gets published. Free all involved

Report from a few days ago:


Graffiti vandals who caused £270,000 damage to Tube and train carriages will be sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on 27/11/09.

The group of six men, all aged 20-23 from the West London area pleaded guilty in October to more than 125 criminal damage offences over a two-year period from February 2006 to November 2007.

The prolific offenders would go out mainly at night and break into train depots and stations to commit crimes.

About 40 of the offences were on the Tube and the rest were on southern train operators.

The investigation began after a car was pulled over in Twickenham by police responding to an ANPR alert which linked the car to a theft of champagne. In the boot of the red Fiat Punto, police found an assortment of spray cans, bolt cutters, gloves and several photos of sprayed trains.

BTP Detective Chief Inspector Kevin Shanahan said:

“Cameras at stations and depots filmed their brazen acts of vandalism and we used this footage to get clear facial images of them.

“They were intent on criminality and went to great lengths to plan their attacks on trains.

“They did not commit random acts of vandalism but conspired together to go out and commit crime.

“During one house search we found more than 400 photographs of the damage they had caused to trains.”

Howard Collins, Chief Operating Officer of London Underground said:

“The group’s actions cost thousands of pounds and resulted in trains being taken out of service. As well as causing unnecessary delays and distress to our passengers, they also put their own lives in danger.

“Criminal damage creates an intimidating atmosphere which is why we work hard to maintain a clean and pleasant network for our customers. We will be taking civil action to recover the debt that their damage created and will continue to devote significant and growing resources to visible policing across the transport system to make sure passengers feel comfortable and safe.”

Crown Prosecution Service London lawyer Olwen Evans said:

“This was an organised and prolific gang who worked together to plan attacks in order to cause disruption and delays. The estimated cost of these actions may be far higher if you take into account the losses suffered by the train companies as a result of these carriages being out of service.”

“The strength of the evidence which was to be put to the court by the Crown Prosecution Service is what led these defendants to plead guilty.

“Together with the British Transport Police, we gathered together a strong file of evidence which included photographs found on the defendants home computers. These pictured the defendants in the act of vandalising trains. These images allowed us to establish what the defendants ‘tags’ were and meant we could identify what damage they had each caused.”


  1. allow putting the addresses up, what the fuck is the point in that, that shit happened to me and i werent fuckin happy

  2. but if u talkin bout prisons which i jus clocked u were, ignore


  4. Community service for the grass toak???

  5. Nobody grassed anyone.

  6. na toak got 9 months n there was no grassin involved!

  7. if i was a trainwriter in 2009 (too old and fat now) i would not own a computer and i would not take photos of my stuff. in fact i wouldn't take photos point blank.

    don't forget, sketching and photography were not always part of the mission. in the early 1970s few people did either of those things, but they still hit trains week in week out for the love of it.

    people are getting banged up every year now. maybe some will have to re-think what they want out of graffiti in order to continue doing it. until our society turns into full Orwellian dystopia - we're half way there already - and you can be convicted for your thoughts or memories, maybe some missions will have to be just that: a fond memory with no photographic evidence.

  8. P.S. yes i know in the 70s they thought their panels would run forever and that's one reason they didn't take photos.

    regardless of that, they still weren't burdened by a need for a photographic record or opportunities to send their flix to magazines or websites (aka cheap fame)

    fame is fleeting anyway and it won't pay your gas bill for you. in other words i think it can be sacrificed in order to hit more trains.

  9. He was a stupid dumb fuck for storing tag names with there mobile numbers on his fone! Indirectly stiched them up and that evidence was damning for lask.

    Flix are all well n good as prints! But its a bit hard to stach a computer away out of harms way! Digital photos r a down fall.

    But the worst flicjs are the ones the btp take with cctv and hidden survailance!

  10. Everyone needs to stop chatting mess - Toke is a tit, not a grass.

    Can't believe that writers still save other writers' numbers as their tags on their phones after the innumerable arrests and convictions caused by such silliness in the past - especially considering that some of the people he was down with kept their shit tight as.

    It was Frazer got 15 months by the way, reckon Scotty Too Hotty got the 22...

  11. fuck me, phone numbers stored with corresponding tags? shocking. some people just ain't cut out for this way of life.

    almost as bad as doing a yard without covering your face (we have all seen the footage by now) no excuse for that its been standard practice since the mid 90s!

    fucking dumb ways to get caught

  12. boom wouldve got away totally clean if it wasnt for some of the dunkindonuts he rolled with...

  13. Innit, now having seen that video, I cannot fucking believe they were doing tubes bare fucking stupid do you have to be? In the current climate it's even advisable to wear some form of face covering when doing certain tracksides....look what happened to Rek. Hold had it coming really, endlessly self promoting on this site and others, raping the same yards week in, week out...and all this stupidness in light of what happened to DPM in regard to covert surveillance techniques etcetera. Play with fire and you will get burned.

  14. "boom wouldve got away totally clean if it wasnt for some of the dunkindonuts he rolled with..."

    Straight...just about to say that...fuck the rest of those idiots.

  15. well i for one am glad that these dangerous thugs are off the streets. a great use of taxpayers money.

    my thoughts go out to the poor train companies and their penniless executives. i hope they are not to too traumatised by the whole experience and can still go into work on monday morning.

    hopefully these naughty lads will learn their lesson mixing with other n'er-do-wells inside. then when they come out they could go into a line of criminal activity that will only get them a slap on the wrist, or at least a lighter sentence: rape, mugging, assault, noncing, manslaughter.

  16. Who got what sentance?

    If holds got 22months he will have a gnvq level 3 in blowjobs by the time he comes out!

  17. Ah fuck this 3DWS