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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Update 2009

We've brought you some of the best steel in recent years and to end this year on a high we will be updating our steel thread (in the index section) that has been in-active for too fucking long as far as I'm concerned!
Xmas is the busiest time of the year on GraffLondon so save them pennys and donate your photo's to the non profitable, loveable, gloriously wonderful (!?) GraffLondon familia, for the best christmas EVER! (does not include 1984)

For those that haven't been in the steel (index section) thread for a while, be sure to have a look as all photo's were posted up full size in there earlier in the year, along with the other threads. Get yourself in the mood, with page 1 of 9.

No closing date but send photo's early to avoid disappointment.

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