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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Stop & Search

declared illegal by human rights court

Controversial anti-terror laws which let police stop and search without grounds for suspicion were yesterday ruled illegal by European judges.
Civil liberties campaigners heralded the human rights verdict as 'a great day for freedom in Britain'.
As a result of their victory, police will only be able to stop and search somebody if they have intelligence they may be linked to terrorism.

Daily Mail


  1. Not sure about that last bit - I've been reading a lot about this and the police are going to continue doing it by all accounts.

  2. if the police see some terrorist lookin mussi they should be able to stop n search em no question.
    fuckin hippees

  3. the last bit is not in use yet, until it all goes through.

    you are right someone that does look dodgy should be stopped but the fact is, there were 100,000/200,000 or whatever it was stop and searches made in the past few years and none of them led to terrorism.

  4. Police use it as an excuse to search anyone they want, that's the problem. I was walking down Charing Cross Road in broad daylight recently and got snatched by a coven of angry coppers under the terrorism act...being lanky and so white my dermatologist winces whenever I visit him for my monthly checkup, and looking for all intents and purposes a rabid Islamophobe, I suspect I'm not the type of person Al-Qaeda would approach if they wanted a bomb set off on a train. It probably more had something to do with the fact I was wearing a hoodie, I'd wager. Still, I couldn't refuse - they nick you if you don't consen to a search. Police state mate...

  5. fuck this police state

  6. Fuck stop and searches mate got nicked the other day just for having paint on him.

  7. police will stop and search you mainly on the basis of what you look like and how you speak as a character. knowing this i choose to dress like someone who acts accordingly "in their eyes", when rely im the complete oposit and when ive been arrested theres been looks of disbelief in some coppers eyes, wondering what a nerd had been doing graffing, stealing and fighting. fool those clowns that stupidly catorgarise and judge people by appearence. ..paintDtown..