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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Remembering Ozone & Wants

3 years on, today..

Alot of people out there painting this coming weekend. Even if you're not, try get some photo's at least and lets get them on both their pages on the writers index to celebrate 2 young lives that were sadly lost, whilst doing what everyone loves.

I didn't know Wants, but I did know Brad. He used to send me photo's now and again for this site, and tell me all the time "more steel more steel", even thought there was loads already but it still weren't enough for him!

Rest in peace to all the fallen and respect to everyone who will be painting this weekend.



  1. Mate your notvery clues up are you?!!! I'm baffled by you. If peopleare out painting this weekend, especially for the fallen you've only made it harder for them by keying the police who surf this site know!!! How dumb are you. Hey mr policeman look eveyone is out painting this weekend please step up security measures! You are such sn ameature!!!

  2. Wouldn't worry about the police do you really think there gonna waste their time in the cold? Easier just to clean it off rather than waiting days on end for's just a waste of time...but on that note the internet is dumb if you want to get anywhere in graff just leave the net alone...fair enough browse if your bored but really the best thing is just to stay away from it...i don't understand why this site allows people to write comments...who the fuck cares what everyone thinks and everyones bullshit opinions just post flicks and leave it at that...all the voting is bullshit...graff aint about that if your up or do your own thing then just appreciate it when you see it...wrtiers delight and grafflondon both suck. Fuck you just die.

  3. i second of the best things anyone has said on this site in a long time

  4. well the voting is just a bit of fun...

    you're right though the forum gives a voice to certain people who otherwise would not be seen or heard i.e. toys

    too many mugs think the net is actually a 'writer's bench' where those in the know can chat about graff. it is far from it. its basically the old Graphotism letters page x 1000

    as JA said, the internet doesn't count on any level

  5. 1) voting aint fun its gay...everyone writes in there own differnt way.
    2) Toys don't have a voice fuck em learn the hard way and do your own research.
    3) internet and chat about graff...there's nothing to talk about...its visual.
    4) writers bench? this aint 80's covent garden.
    5) Graphotism fuck them plastic bullshit.
    6) JA...said it the right way.

    If your gonna do a site just post photos and no comments. simple as. 6yrs of talk on this site and it just gets worse. sort it out.


  7. About 12 years ago Graphotism had a comments section on the website (maybe longer?), this was the days when the mag was £5 and was decent, it turned into a shit fuck fest. Giving anonymous idiots a voice did not work then, it won't work now. As for post no.1? Sweet lord, i am guessing your not Fume?

  8. rip ozone and wants, ttake this shit outside man pay some respect.

  9. To the top comment, its quite clear he was talking about legal gatherings, you however just alerted the police to any illegal activity going on. Mug.

  10. rip ozone and wants

  11. Rip ozone an wants, died for what they loved doing.

  12. Ozone and Wants deaths was a tragedy but what was worse was the Daily Mail/trainspotter crowd gloating about it and saying they deserved it for being writers. No one deserves to die for changing the colour of a surface. Anyone that values the colour of a surface over human life is scum and needs to wake up and realise there is more to life than goign to work, paying taxes and going down the pub on a Friday night. Massive respect to the memory of Ozone and Wants and also out to all those risking their lives doing what they love. Stay safe.