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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sections & shortcuts


GraffLondon Gallery
Time and time again I found myself in the writers index wondering why the GLdn threads (steel, dubs&pieces, etc) were even in there, and obviously realized it was because there was nowhere else to put them and that they felt out of place.
So after some long and very hard thinking I've added a new section, GraffLondon Gallery, under the decoration category. This is just all those closed pinned topics that were at the top of the writers index for so long.
It clears up the writers index so that it is now just a writers index, and I've also moved the writers interviews plus Solid Gold as a sub section in the new section itself.
After the steel update at xmas I'd like to keep updating those threads more often, check it out if you haven't done for a while as there is some pretty good flicks in there.

Due to popular demand the far and wide section has now been linked at the top of the blog under the banner. So has the new section.

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