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Monday, 4 January 2010

About time..

For those unaware of it, you can now rape those raised prices with a pay as you go oyster card in all 1-6 zones. They go on like this is some sort of huge achievement but this should of been sorted out a long time ago.

For the paranoid folk out there I advise you to regularly change your oyster card as all of your movements are stored within the card since the first time you ever touched in.

All info about oyster cards here.

The 2009 awards will be up and polled soon, here on the blog. I'm just chilling for a few days, no rush.


  1. Knock is it true that you can be traced with someone else's weekly or annual card? Like if you found one?

  2. child travel all day, fuck oysters

  3. well if ifs a weekly or above then the oyster will have to be registered, then more than likely if it is lost it will be de-activated and obviously not work..
    but not all of them will be and a few people have been caught out and i believe they were done for fraud.
    I wouldn't run the risk

  4. hu the fuck pays for trains????